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Globema Joins the Ukrainian Energy Initiative!

By July 2, 2024July 10th, 2024Energy, Events
Globema joins UEI

We are proud to announce that Globema has joined the Ukrainian Energy Initiative – a pact aiming at supporting Ukraine in the effort to modernize the country’s energy system.

In June, Ryszard Rybus (CEO) and Bartosz Lech (CCO), representing Globema, signed the Ukrainian Energy Initiative Declaration. By doing so, the company has joined a global coalition of businesses committed to rebuilding and modernizing Ukraine’s energy sector.

What is the Ukrainian Energy Initiative?

The Ukrainian Energy Initiative is a comprehensive strategy aimed at transforming Ukraine’s energy sector to achieve energy independence, enhance energy security, and transition to sustainable and renewable energy sources. This initiative is driven by the need to reduce reliance on energy imports, particularly from Russia, diversify energy supply, and modernize the country’s aging energy infrastructure.

It is an initiative of UN Global Compact Ukraine, the Ukrainian chapter of the UN Global Compact.

This world’s largest corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiative serves as a platform for businesses to align their strategies and operations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and human rights principles.

By signing the declaration Globema has agreed to the following

  • Sharing and consolidating business expertise in an open manner, that does not interfere with competitive relationships between members
  • Working with international and local companies to connect local expertise to global experience
  • Promoting, developing, and advocating necessary changes in Ukraine that accelerate the energy transition
  • Creating new decarbonization roadmaps for the country and facilitating new sustainable industries
  • Implementation of advocacy, inclusiveness and gender equality in recovery and energy transition processes
  • Accelerating capital deployment and development of new projects.
Read the full text of the declaration

To find out more about the Ukrainian Energy Initiative, go to:

If you would like to find out more about Globema’s participation in the UEI, feel free to contact us.