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Globema reaches new heights in the latest Computerworld TOP200

By July 31, 2023Events, R & D

We’re excited to report Globema continues its growth trajectory as it once again secures a place in the esteemed Computerworld TOP200 ranking of the largest Polish IT service providers. In the 2022 edition of the ranking, we have shown exceptional progress, improving our position in various categories and achieving significant milestones.

The Computerworld publication reveals that the Polish IT industry has been experiencing a surge, growing by an impressive 13% in 2022 compared to the previous year. Globema has been an integral part of this thriving landscape and has emerged as a prominent player. We secured the 158th position among the Largest IT Companies in Poland, marking a significant climb of 26 ranks compared to the previous year. Furthermore, our revenue witnessed a remarkable growth of 34%!

Globema’s dedication to innovation and cutting-edge solutions is evident in its consistent dominance in categories related to Research & Development and Cloud services. Among the IT solutions and service providers, Globema excelled in key sectors, including…

For the first time, we made an appearance in the rankings for the Largest IT Solutions and Service Providers for Large Enterprises and Corporations, as well as for Small and Medium-sized Businesses. This expansion showcases Globema’s ability to cater to diverse client needs, ranging from major enterprises to thriving startups.

Let’s take a closer look at our ranks in the latest TOP200!

Globema in Computerworld TOP 200 covering 2022

the 158th place

among the largest IT companies in Poland

We got the best ranks in the following categories:

place among IT Companies with the Largest R&D Outlays in 2022


place among IT Companies with the Largest R&D Revenue Compared to the IT Revenue in 2022


place among the Largest Cloud Service Providers in 2022

We achieved the following ranks as IT providers in industry-specific categories:

transport & logistics


utilities (excluding energy)








public administration and uniformed services


finance & insurance




large enterprises & corporations


small and medium-sized businesses

Globema’s global outreach was exemplified by our ranking as the 34th largest IT service exporter.

Furthermore, we secured the 84th position among the largest IT service providers in 2022, including:

place among the integration service providers


place among maintenance service providers


place among outsourcing and management service providers

We ranked 119th among the largest software providers in 2022, including

place among the largest custom software providers


place among the largest third-party software providers


place among the largest own software providers

We also ranked 51st among the companies with the largest net profit.

Computerworld TOP200 is a revered ranking that provides comprehensive insights into the Polish IT sector, encompassing a diverse range of companies from massive corporations to medium-sized enterprises. As a reliable information source, the report includes crucial financial data, analyses, and forecasts related to the IT industry. Its standing as a fundamental resource for managers, industry specialists, and potential clients has been solidified over the 31 editions.