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Globema in the 30th Computerworld TOP200 ranking of the largest IT service providers in Poland

By August 3, 2022August 5th, 2022Event

Once again, Globema was featured in the prestigious TOP200 ranking created by the Computerworld magazine. This is the 30th edition of the yearly ranking of the largest and most influential IT companies in Poland. Let’s see Globema’s ranks!

The IT industry has flourished in the previous year despite many difficulties and economic uncertainties. In 2021, the IT sector’s revenue increased by 19% compared to 2020. TOP200 authors emphasize that it proves the strength and resilience of IT, as well as the universal demand for IT services.

In the ranking of the largest Polish IT companies, Globema ranked 184 out of 367. We increased our revenue by nearly 16% from last year.

Our highest ranking positions are in categories related to Research & Development as well as Cloud IT services. In the industry rankings, our highest positions are in transport, shipping, logistics, utilities, energy, and telecommunications.

Globema in the Computerworld TOP200 2021 ranking

the 184th position

among the largest Polish IT companies

These are our best ranks:

the 12th position

Companies with the largest R&D outlays

the 16th position

Companies with the largest R&D revenue compared to the IT revenue in 2021

the 22nd position

The largest Cloud service providers in 2021

As the service and solution provider for each industry, we ranked:


transport, shipping, and logistics


utilities (excluding energy)








public administration and uniformed services


finance and insurance



Additionally, Globema ranked 42 among the largest IT solution exporters.

We ranked 98 in the IT service provider ranking, including:


integration service providers


maintenance service providers


outsourcing service providers

We ranked 133 in the software provider ranking, including:


custom software providers


third-party license providers


own license providers

We also ranked 72 in the ranking of companies with the largest net revenue.

Computerworld TOP200 is an esteemed ranking of the largest companies in the Polish IT sector. It presents the full cross-section of the market, from massive corporations to medium-sized businesses. It includes software, hardware, service, and outsourcing providers. The report also features financial data, analyses, and forecasts related to the IT industry. TOP200 is a fundamental information source for managers, industry specialists, and potential clients. This year marks the 3oth anniversary of TOP200!