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Our Coverage of Orchestrate 2024, GE Vernova’s GridOS® Customer Conference in Glasgow


From April 23-26, Dariusz Laskowski, our AI Product Manager, and Chris Hansen, the Global Business & Alliances Deputy Director, represented Globema at the Orchestrate 2024 conference organized by our business partner, GE Vernova. At the event, Dariusz and Chris showcased how Globema leverages artificial intelligence to support telecom operators.

About GE Orchestrate Events

Orchestrate conferences are organized by our long-standing partner, GE Vernova. These events offer a unique platform for discussions and the exchange of experiences among leading tech companies supporting energy transition. At Orchestrate 2024, we focused on advanced software that supports telecommunications operators, as telecom networks are crucial components of modern energy transmission and distribution systems.

Conference attendees had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and gain inspiration through:

  • keynotes from industry executives driving important changes and new programs in energy and telecom companies around the world,
  • presentations highlighting success stories within the utilities sector,
  • demos showcasing solutions for designing clean energy networks, aiding energy providers in utilizing dispersed, renewable sources,
  • many opportunities for discussions and networking.

Our Participation in GE Orchestrate 2024 in Glasgow

We were thrilled to participate in this year’s GE Orchestrate conference in Glasgow.

Dariusz and Chris delivered an insightful presentation titled AI/ML-based Inside Plant Data Collection: Leveraging Automation to Improve Business Processes.

Their presentation highlighted how artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions can revolutionize operations and enhance efficiency in the telecom industry.


During the session, Dariusz and Chris explored:

  • the critical importance of real-time data for enhancing business processes within the telecom sector,
  • how Artificial Intelligence, specifically Machine Learning, aids in field data collection on rack-mounted equipment,
  • the advantages of deploying ML-based solutions for telecom operators.

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We eagerly anticipate future events like this!

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