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GIS GeoGrid for Commercial Real Estate Rental: Streamlining Operations and Improving Customer Engagement

By January 11, 2024July 12th, 2024Mobile, Services

Advanced geospatial technologies have become essential for effective business management, particularly in the commercial real estate sector. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), such as GeoGrid, play an increasingly crucial role in helping companies analyze geospatial information more efficiently, leading to better operational and strategic decisions.

Companies engaged in commercial real estate leasing, often multinational enterprises with properties in dispersed locations, are finding Geographic Information Systems to be an invaluable tool. By leveraging systems such as GeoGrid, they can locate properties on a map, analyze relevant information in the context of their geographic location, and optimize their offers to better meet customer requirements.


Advantages of using a GeoGrid solution for the commercial real estate industry

Ease of use in the office and in the field

GeoGrid stands out as an advanced yet user-friendly spatial data management system. It eliminates the need for users to possess GIS expertise, ensuring accessibility for all. The accompanying mobile application facilitates near-instant data updates, enabling users to smoothly integrate information collected in the field.

Support in analyzing the location of real estate

a. Analyzing the amenities of a location

The GIS system allows companies to tailor their offerings to individual customer requirements by filtering properties based on geographic parameters. This includes proximity to bus and tram stops, restaurants, service facilities, shopping centers, and more.

b. Clustering and multi-level analysis

Clustering buildings on a map makes it easier to identify areas of high real estate accessibility. The ability to switch between different types of maps provides additional valuable information.

c. Selecting optimal office locations

GeoGrid goes beyond conventional mapping by incorporating additional relevant factors crucial to property users, such as air pollution levels and the presence of allergen-causing pollen. This allows for a more accurate selection of the best location by considering commuting time for employees via various means of transportation.

Support in showcasing the property to the customer

With the ability to visualize on a map all the factors to consider when selecting a property location, GeoGrid becomes an indispensable tool when tailoring offers to customer requirements. The system’s advanced presentation features enhance the visual representation of nearby amenities, offering high-resolution satellite views and detailed street views for a comprehensive look at the surroundings.

Advanced presentation features

GeoGrid enhances the presentation of real estate to customers by providing a visual representation of nearby amenities. The solution facilitates the efficient display of high-resolution satellite views, offering a comprehensive look at the surroundings. Additionally, the street view option allows for a detailed presentation of the property within its environment, enabling quicker decision-making when considering a lease.

Leveraging GIS GeoGrid in the commercial real estate rental sector offers numerous advantages. Benefits include improved alignment of property offerings with customer expectations and enhanced capabilities in presenting facilities to potential clients. Furthermore, GeoGrid facilitates the comprehensive visualization of all the information crucial in the process of selecting the location of a rental property.

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The use of GeoGrid’s GIS solution represents a step towards an innovative and integrated approach to commercial property management, increasing operational efficiency, elevating service quality, and ultimately enhancing the competitiveness of companies in the market.

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