No system provides value without having accurate data. At Globema we understand that good data quality is essential when it comes to successful Smallworld solution deployment.

  • Do you struggle with data quality in your Network Inventory solution?
  • Do you need help in data acquisition, collection, cleansing and standardization?
  • Are you already running a data migration project but wish to complete it sooner by bringing additional resources?
  • Do you need to shorten the time-frame of updating data in your Network Inventory solution after real network upgrades or changes?

We work with geospatial data at every stage of the process:

We analyze legacy data sources and transform them into detailed Smallworld objects using ETL (extract-transform-load) tools.
We help re-organize processes or deliver tools to decrease the data loss in data acquisition and maintenance activities.
We unify the way data is being modeled – to simplify the processes and tools used around Network Inventory data management.
We can fix the data already in Smallworld, whether it’s an issue wih duplication, conflation or attribution, whatever the issue.
We support field survey with dedicated tools and procedures.

Reasons to keep your data clean

  • Data quality in network inventory system is a primary factor of successful deployment and ROI from network inventory project
  • Centralized repository of network assets is a foundation for digital transformation of your business processes including OT/IoT automations, predictive maintenance and others

Let us help you

We strive to make the most of the data available – there are no lost records for us.

Knowledge of telco and utilities

We understand source materials specific for your industry. We’ve conducted numerous projects of network inventory solutions deployment and maintenance for telco and utilities customers. Our experts have a deep understanding of data model in Smallworld based applications: Physical Network Inventory, Electric Office, Gas Office.

Migration projects

Over the years we have delivered over 50 successful data migrations and clean-up projects for customers in Europe and North America. That’s millions kilometers of cables, ducts, overhead lines and pipes; tens of million of network nodes, equipment items!

We have experience in migrating data from legacy Network Inventory systems to Smallworld solutions: Excel spreadsheets, CAD drawings, paper and scanned documentation and other digital data sources.
We look after approximately 1 gigameter of network all around the world – that’s 1 milion kilometers of heating, telco and energy network.

What’s the plan?

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