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GeoTask in the lab – how J.S. Hamilton improved the sampling process

By June 22, 2020December 21st, 2021Mobile, WorkForce Management

J.S. Hamilton Poland – an accredited research laboratory – has been using GeoTask, our field service management tool, since September 2019. J.S. Hamilton specializes in laboratory analyses of food, household chemistry, pharmaceuticals, packaging and industrial goods, fuels and environmental samples (water, sewage, waste, soil). Hamilton is best known among the general public for performing water tests at public swimming pools. GeoTask, Globema’s Field Service Management System, supports the processes of sampling planning and sample marking and delivery to the laboratory at J.S. Hamilton.

The challenge – how to efficiently plan the collection of many thousands of samples?

The sampling process consists of several steps: receiving the request from the client, scheduling an appointment with the technician in the sampling spot, selecting the personnel and the equipment suitable for the task and sending the collected samples back to the laboratory.

On average, at Hamilton this process has to be performed for several thousand samples every month, engaging several dozen employees and more than 60 cars. As Hamilton operates across Poland, the tasks are geographically dispersed.

An additional difficulty is, that especially environmental samples must be tested shortly after registration and delivery to the lab, for the results to be viable – time is crucial, so the sampling and delivery processes must be perfectly planned and organized. There is no room for mistakes or delays.

Given the scale and nature of the business, efficient organization of the collection and delivery of substances for testing to the laboratory is critical to Hamilton’s operations.

GeoTask adjusted to the Client’s needs:

Our collaboration began back in May 2019. Globema’s experts thoroughly analyzed Hamilton’s process of sampling and delivering the samples to the laboratory and scheduling appointments in the place of collection. We analyzed the customer’s needs and proposed a customized version of GeoTask – a Field Service Management tool for managing work and resources in the field. It was adjusted to align with J.S. Hamilton’s business and respond to the specific needs related to request management and assigning sample containers and equipment necessary to perform sampling. As a result:

  • GeoTask covered the process of Hamilton customers placing requests for samples for analysis. All requests that were previously received via email and phone, now go straight into the GeoTask system.
  • Based on the parameters of the request (the number and type of samples and the availability of personnel with the required skills and equipment, etc.) – GeoTask shows possible appointment slots as soon as the request is registered. The appointments don’t have to be scheduled in a separate process.
  • Given the amount and type of material to be collected for testing, the system also automatically determines the number and size of containers needed to perform each task.

The GeoTask mobile application gives field workers the ability to stay up-to-date on completed tasks and view upcoming tasks without having to contact the dispatcher.

The dispatcher’s panel, in turn, allows to manage all tasks and monitor their status through a single tool.

How is it working out for them?

After a few months of trial, J.S. Hamilton started using GeoTask to manage the whole process of collecting food and environmental samples for testing. It is now used by several dozen field workers.

GeoTask allows the inclusion of all key business processes in one system. It is perfect for supporting sampling planning and management. It provides fieldworkers with a convenient mobile application that includes schedules and allows them to register their work progress. The system provides company managers with complete information about the efficiency and costs of sampling. GeoTask ensures the persistent management of fieldwork processes, resulting in improvements to customer service and satisfaction. Globema’s employees are exceptionally qualified and have proven their implementation skills, vast industry knowledge, and the ability to thoroughly analyze business processes.