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GeoTask 18.0 is now available! Learn more about the new release


We just released the 18th version of our Field Service Management & route optimization tool, GeoTask. We constantly improve our solution so it answers dispatchers’ and field technicians’ needs.

The newest GeoTask version comes with many changes. For example, we improved the map clarity and aspects related to creating and completing tasks. We also enhanced schedule configuration and focused on automating the notification capabilities so that you can keep your clients up-to-date. We also introduced changes related to the User Interface, such as a New task editor, an Existing task editor, and options to save component sizes in the Dashboard.

We also added a new module for dispatchers, the Customer and Location Module. It contains contact information about regular clients and their locations, allowing dispatchers to easily manage customer data. We also created the Notification Module for making and managing client e-mail and SMS notifications.

Would you like to learn more about the new features? Visit!