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Greater comfort of use and much more – discover the GeoGrid 1.2 GIS system

By February 9, 2023April 6th, 2023Field Service Management, Mobile, Smart Grid

The new version of our GeoGrid software is now available. We primarily focused on improving the app’s usability. First of all, we expanded the work space’s customization capabilities. We also added brand-new features related to editing objects and using dashboards. Another new feature is the app’s voice control. Read on to learn more about the new 1.2 version!

Saving project or user settings

With the new option for saving setting parameters, GeoGrid is now more user-friendly. Every user can now replace the default styles of currently used layers. First, you need to configure the basic parameters of your project, such as layer visibility and styles, predefined queries, and saved views. You can decide which settings are most convenient and save your map views or create a list of your own predefined queries.

Expanded linking to connected objects and editing objects

This update comes with an option to search for objects through their connections. For example, a node in a given inventory area could include connected circuits. In GeoGrid 1.2, you can search for such a node using the name of the inventory area name or circuit. Additionally, you can create SQL queries based on the connected objects. In the same way, you can filter and sort tables. We also expanded the option for editing objects. You can now edit attributes and geometry as well as copy objects. Moreover, mobile devices support all editing features.

Voice control

We added voice control to search for addresses and objects as well as edit attributes. Now you can fill out the edited fields (all the types: text, number, and dictionary) using your voice. Voice control is available for both web and mobile apps.

Flexible, configurable Dashboard modules

Improving GeoGrid, we didn’t forget about dashboards and increased their interactivity. They synthesize data from different systems, displaying them on various charts. You can also analyze data using maps and view records in a table.

Besides the aspects mentioned above, we implemented many minor improvements. They make GeoGrid even more intuitive and efficient. If you want to learn more about the newest GeoGrid version, contact us to schedule a free demo!