Reliable gas & pipeline infrastructure


Foundation for effective management and development of gas networks as well as gas & oil transmission networks

Companies that distribute gas or transfer gas and oil need increasingly innovative and complex spatial information systems. Such systems allow them to effectively manage their networks, reduce operational costs, improve customer service, and meet the growing industry requirements.

Globema provides distributors and transmission operators with integrated solutions based on GE Energy’s tools that make the foundation for the management of all spatial assets of gas networks (Smallworld Gas Distribution Office – GDO) and pipeline networks (Smallworld Global Transmission Office – GTO).

The integrated Network Asset Management system supports key business processes such as network maintenance, operations, and investment planning.

  • Are you looking for ways to improve your network operations?
  • Does your company lack the information to make informed decisions about extending or upgrading the network?
  • Are you looking for a more effective way to plan investments?
  • Do you experience problems with updating and accessing data about your heating network resources?
  • Do you need to quickly access information about the network equipment and connectivity?
  • Do you need easy access to technical documentation?
gas oil solutions

End-to-end gas pipeline and transmission network management solutions

Globema offers solutions for managing gas pipeline infrastructure (GE Gas Distribution Office) and managing transmission pipeline infrastructure (GE Global Transmission Office). Both solutions are based on the GE Smallworld system, a scalable, top-class GIS platform designed for network industry companies.

The standardized data models about gas and transmission pipelines include all aspects of managing the company assets. They maintain a rich set of specialized objects connected to gas and liquid transmission and offer comprehensive network modeling.
GE GTO offers the Linear Reference System (LRS) that’s based on longitudinal mileage and dynamic network segmentation. Those features help with operations such as assimilating data from technical condition examinations and presenting data about pipelines and their surrounding in one, consistent view.
The Explosion Hazardous Areas (EX zones) analysis – supports managing work in the Explosion Hazardous Areas. It creates an inventory of the EX devices, uses RFID marks, and determines future inspection dates depending on the device and type of the inspection.
The cathodic protection – features:
  • Creating and maintaining the cathodic protection model used in the field,
  • Handling tabular data (reading data from monitoring stations) and graphic information within one tool,
  • Searching and filtering the cathodic sections included in the system,
  • Viewing and highlighting cathodic section on a map,
  • Showing organized view of all objects connected to a given cathodic section, e.g. distribution pipes, connectors, valves, anodes),
  • Generating customized reports.
An option for extending GDO/GTO solutions with other industry applications (such as telecommunications or energy) within the common GE Smallworld platform. The GDO/GTO systems store detailed descriptive data about network elements and documents about its structure and operations. Therefore, the systems work as a complete technical database about network resources.

Through integration with ERP-type applications, GDO/GTO systems provide full support for business processes that use network information.

Slide Strategic planning Network development
Network design
and analyses
Building the network - connecting customers
- monitoring pipeline condition
and intelligent pigging inspection
- providing distribution services
- supporting operations and
outage management
gas oil solutions
Strategic planning Network development
Network design
and analyses
Building the network - connecting customers
- monitoring pipeline condition
and intelligent pigging inspection
- providing distribution services
- supporting operations and
outage management

Discover our solutions

GDO and GTO main modules – foundations for the solutions

GDO (Gas Distribution Office) main module

The foundation for the management of all network assets in the gas companies.

  • Cost reduction thanks to eliminating narrowly specialized stand-alone systems and limiting the number of the intermediate applications,
  • Reduction of the system administration cost thanks to maintaining data in a single, consistent Smallworld database,
  • A defined data model specific for the gas shortens the time of the project phase by eliminating the initial phase of defining databases,
  • Return on investment can be achieved immediately, as the built-in applications are ready to be used right after loading the data.

GTO (Global Transmission Office) main module

Expanding the data model and basic functionality:

  • Expanding the Linear Reference System by adding a full 3D handling in the mileage module,
  • Expanding the option for loading data from intelligent pigging so that each run is registered individually, regardless of previous inspections,
  • Increasing the range of collected measurements in the cathodic protection module,
  • Adding specialized analyses such as emptying the pipeline with gravity. This analysis improves the evaluation of the capacity needed for emptying the pipeline due to an outage and makes it possible to safely unseal the pipeline.

Add-ons developed by Globema

The EX module for GTO

The EX module expands the Operations module and supports managing work in the Explosion Hazardous Areas. It creates an inventory of the EX devices, uses RFID marks, and determines future inspection dates depending on the device and type of the inspection. The system allows you to take photos of the devices and collect inspection documents. The EX module supports field worker teams and is adjusted to devices dedicated for work in the EX zones.

The Operations module for GDO and GTO

The Operations module supports routine network maintenance activities such as periodic inspections of the network assets and warehouse bases including registration of their technical condition. This allows you to analyze the technical condition of all of the technical assets and determine which objects need maintenance service.

The Outage Management module for GDO and GTO

The Outage Management module supports the whole process from identifying outage locations to determining devices needed to be shut down.

The Rights-of-way module for GDO and GTO

The Rights-of-way module helps to manage assets located along with the network. It supports managing the lifecycle of the claim cases, compensation cases, cost analyses, and real asset easement.

The Geodesy module for GDO and GTO

This module allows you to load, store, and manage geodetic data from external sources.

GDO Net and GTO Net

GDO Net and GTO Net provide an access to graphic and text data with a standard Internet browser.

Supplementary tools

Besides the add-on modules for GDO and GTO, we provide tools that supplement the network inventory and maintenance processes, as well as allow large groups of employees to easily access the data.


This module displays layers directly from external sources, such as geodetic web services. The following data standards are supported: Google Maps, Open Street Map, WMTS, WMS, and WFS.


An app that automatically categorizes documents and describes them by their issue date and location. It creates a spatial database and allows the user to easily access documents and display them on a map.

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A data integration platform for processing, validating, and automated transferring of data. Supports maintaining an up-to-date database. The information collected during fieldwork can be automatically moved to the system simplifying the identification of areas for expansion.

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Why it’s worth it?

Customer case studies from all over the world show that Smallworld Network Inventory implementation can bring:


up to 30% reduction in planning time through accurate integrated physical and logical inventory


up to 8% reduction in new build costs due to better utilization of network resources


up to 40% productivity improvements in network design through process automation


up to 25% reduction in network downtime through rapid response to network alarms to locate faulty equipment accurately


up to 15% workforce productivity improvements through streamlined as-built update processes


up to 50% savings in provisioning time through automating processes for physical path assignment

Read our customer’s case study:


Developing Network Inventory Management system in the Pay-As-You-Go model at PERN

GE GTO application supports pipelines as well as telecommunications and energy networks at PERN S.A.

Our NI solutions are built around the GE Smallworld Network Inventory System


Globema acts as the Authorized Partner and the Value Added Reseller of GE Energy Smallworld GIS software in several European countries. GE also acts as Globema worldwide reseller of Globema’s telecommunication modules (PRM, ONA, RNI, DCM, CATV Design). The cooperation covers Smallworld software development & implementation as well as consulting & maintenance services. Since 1997, Globema has conducted hundreds of smaller and larger software delivery, development, and implementation projects for customers from over 30 countries.

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GE’s software manages 40% of global electricity. It is designed to help utilities and telecommunication companies to better operate, analyze and optimize their operations. Applications based on the GE Smallworld platform are used by over 700 utility service providers (energy, heating, gas & oil, water) across 40 countries worldwide.

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