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FTTH Investment Tracker: Monitor Your Telco Investment Progress with One Comprehensive System

By July 4, 2024July 12th, 2024Telecommunications

Tracking the entire progress of network construction, expansion, and modernization is a significant challenge. Network investments are typically dispersed across various locations, and information is often stored by individual project managers in separate files, such as Excel spreadsheets. This fragmentation makes data hard to access and inconsistencies prevalent. This is especially true for large telecommunications companies whose networks span multiple cities, regions, and even countries. The solution to these issues is our FTTH Investment Tracker.

What Is FTTH Investment Tracker?

FTTH Investment Tracker is a tool designed for telecommunications operators to efficiently monitor their investment progress. It’s built on the Geographic Information System, GeoGrid, and the FME Platform for data management. FTTH Investment Tracker offers transparency and quick access to essential information about ongoing network construction and expansion projects.

How Does It Work?

FTTH Investment Tracker allows you to assess project progress across various locations with a single glance at the map. It helps analyze information about projects in different regions (address points covered by the investment) as well as individual projects.

Monitoring Network Progress on a Map

When regional managers report the status of their projects, the information is displayed on a map in FTTH Investment Tracker. Staff responsible for the overall investment development can access this information and easily track progress across different regions.

Each project includes specific addresses where the telecommunications network is being built. Project budgets and risks are visualized on the map using colored circles. The size of the circle corresponds to the project’s budget, while the color indicates the level of risk: green for low risk, yellow for medium risk, orange for high risk, and red for very high risk.

A map visualizing ongoing investments, including their associated risks.

When you enlarge the project view, the map presents specific addresses and buildings covered by the investment, along with the project status at each location. This status is marked with a corresponding color: green for “ready for service launch” and red for “not yet finished.” This makes it easy to determine which addresses are still in progress and what the work status is.

Easy access to the work status at each location can help improve the efficiency of the sales department and accelerate service delivery at the “ready for service” addresses.

Visualization of a single investment project after enlarging the project area, showing several addresses with ongoing network works.

Quick Analyses of Regional Work Through Clear Dashboards

Information about specific projects can be easily accessed by clicking on them, which displays detailed data in a table. Additionally, regional project information can be visualized through graphic comparisons on dashboards. These dashboards allow you to compare projects based on various metrics such as risk, budget, and completion status.

This functionality enables you to quickly determine how many projects are “not yet started” within a given region, identify areas where work is progressing slower than expected, and pinpoint factors that are impeding progress. This insight allows for timely remedial action.

A dashboard presenting a comparison of projects within a region by their progress status.

A dashboard displaying information about selected projects within a region on a map and in a table.

Simple Integration with Other Systems

FTTH Investment Tracker can be seamlessly integrated with external systems that contain information about the overall investment status and specific buildings. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

All project information displayed in FTTH Investment Tracker can also be exported to an Excel file for further analysis or reporting.

What Are the Benefits of Using FTTH Investment Tracker?

FTTH Investment Tracker is a user-friendly tool designed to track the progress of telco investments. It can be easily customized to fit the unique business models and specific requirements of telecommunications companies.

Key benefits include:

Consistent Information Source: Provides a unified source of information about ongoing project statuses, which is particularly vital for operators managing extensive and continuously expanding networks.

Simplified Project Management: Makes it easier to oversee and coordinate network construction and expansion efforts.

Enhanced Investment Process: Improves the overall investment process by offering transparent and accessible data, aiding in better decision-making and resource allocation.

Boosted Sales Efficiency: Facilitates the sales of telecommunications services by providing up-to-date information on project status, helping the sales team target “ready for service” areas more effectively.

Let’s Talk About Your Challenges!

Are you wondering if FTTH Investment Tracker is the right fit for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the most optimal solution.

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