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Meet us at the FTTH Conference in Madrid this April

By April 5, 2023April 7th, 2023Event, Telecommunications
Meet us at the FTTH Conference in Madrid this April

Meet us at the FTTH Conference in Madrid this April. Let’s talk about solutions supporting fiber networks!

We are happy to announce we will participate in the FTTH conference in Madrid on April 18-20th. We will be presenting how to support network data capture and data maintenance. Moreover, we will talk about effectively managing the mobile workforce.
This year, the FTTH conference will be held in Madrid, Spain. The conference brings together leading businesses and organizations from the fiber technology sector. It will be a perfect opportunity to exchange knowledge and insights on the latest trends, solutions, and industry challenges.
More than 3500 participants from over 1000 companies and 100 countries are expected to attend.

On the first day of the event, expert workshops will be organized by members of the FTTH Council Europe, the event facilitator. On 19 and 20 April, a two-day conference will follow, filled with multiple keynote speeches and 18-panel sessions covering the most current topics of the FTTH industry.

Globema at the FTTH Conference

During the fair, held concurrently with the conference, more than 100 exhibitors will present the latest products and services supporting FTTH networks.

As a long-standing provider of services and systems for the telecom sector, Globema will also be present at the event. It will be an excellent opportunity to discuss how we can help support network operations and maintenance. We will also present several original solutions:

1. Tools and services for building and maintaining a digital model of network assets – GlobIQ Platform

The platform supports the acquisition and maintenance of network data.

It’s a perfect solution for operators who are looking for tools that would help them…

implement a Network Inventory System and build a digital model of their network assets. GlobIQ helps acquire network information from multiple sources (paper documentation, data collected in the field, and data in various digital formats). 
quickly update and maintain data in an implemented network inventory system 
migrate network information when merging networks of different operators  

2. GeoTaskAutomated scheduling and effective management of tasks in the field  

Our proprietary FSM system supports network providers in effectively planning and managing tasks performed by field crews. It works well for both network maintenance tasks and handling customer visits.  

3. Specialized applications for field data collection 

Mobile Data Collector is a platform for building specialized, voice-controlled mobile applications. They use image recognition and intelligent measurements to collect network data and report field tasks. It allows you to create mobile applications tailored to the specific requirements and processes of any operator.

Meet us at booth 32B

If you would like to meet us in Madrid in person, let us know in advance.

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