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FME: a subscription model, simplified licensing, and friendlier design. Safe Software announces rebranding

By May 1, 2023FME

April 2023 was a month of revolution for our Partner, Safe Software. After 30 years in the market, both the company and its flagship product, the FME Platform, went through a radical transformation. See their brand-new identity!

Safe Software’s founders explain that the rebranding aims to match the company’s identity with the FME Platform that has changed throughout the years. The Platform transformed from a niche solution for collecting and processing data into a multi-functional, versatile, low-code tool for integrating entire organizations. Currently, the solution offers nearly infinite use cases and support for organizations of any size and industry.

If we were to encapsulate the rebranding in a few words, we would say simplicity and a focus on customer needs.

Safe Software is well aware that customers are no longer looking for systems but ways to solve their specific problems. They expect a business partner to support them. Safe’s new image and other related changes emphasize this approach.

Let’s take a closer look at what Safe Software has prepared!

New graphic design – simplicity and transparency


We all got used to the distinctive FME colors and logo. But the simplicity and transparency of the new, refreshed graphic design of websites and logos emphasize Safe’s new approach. is where you can find out all about the company, and is a source of knowledge about the products. Both websites got a brand-new look.

Safe now focuses on clarity, vivid colors, user-friendly design, and simplified, less technical language. All this supports the role of Safe Software in the industry and its customer businesses.

New names and simplified licensing

We already mentioned that the key to Safe Software’s transformation is simplicity and focus on users. Therefore, Safe introduces more intuitive names for its products. FME Desktop is now FME Form, FME Server changed to FME Flow, and FME Cloud is now FME Flow Hosted.


Safe also decided to simplify its product offer and reduce the number of available FME Platform versions. Licenses such as Smallworld, ESRI, or Database will no longer be available. They will be replaced with a single FME Form version. It offers all possibilities of formerly available versions.

Moreover, you will no longer need to choose between fixed and floating licenses. There will only be a single type of license.

The FME:23 and future editions will come with these changes. The older versions will remain unchanged, with retired names and specific versions.

More flexible approach with a subscription model

To provide its users with as much flexibility as possible, Safe decided to develop its subscription models. This licensing approach gives you more freedom when adapting FME Platform components to your business needs. Therefore, it delivers a complex solution for working with data.

Among the available pricing models, there are industry subscriptions for public administration offices, airports, and utility companies. Pricing models also include an education subscription and the most flexible model, Enterprise Subscription. It can be adjusted to fit any business.

New pricing

From May 1, 2023, Safe Software also introduces new pricing for both licenses and AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contracts). The company assures it doesn’t forget about its existing clients and offers them advantageous conditions for the new licensing type. Each case will be evaluated individually.

If you’d like to learn more about the new pricing and licensing model, go to the FAQ section below or contact us.

What else should you know about the FME Platform changes? Q&A

Read the answers to the frequently asked questions about the new FME Platform.

Has the main FME Platform's functionality changed?

No, the main FME Platform functionalities remain the same. This is also true for the features of the Platform’s components, FME Form and FME Flow. They also remain the same as features of the corresponding old components, FME Desktop and FME Server. The main FME functionality is still the effective and efficient no-code data and process integration.

What happened to the specific FME versions, such as FME Desktop Database Edition or FME Desktop Smallword Edition?

The product offer was simplified, and now only a single version is available – FME Form (formerly FME Desktop). FME Form includes all options and features as the most advanced old version of the license, which was called FME Desktop Smallworld Edition. This is a particularly beneficial change for those who used lower versions of the license.

Have the components of the previous FME Platform versions (e.g., 2021 or 2022) also changed?

All the previous FME Desktop, Server, and Cloud versions will keep working and maintain the original names. The new names will be used for components of FME 23.0 and every next version.

Will FME Form be available in the floating license?

Due to the simplified product offer and licensing models, there are no more fixed and floating licenses. However, the vendor provides an option to install FME Form on a licensing server. The license cost in both cases remains the same.

Can I buy another computational engine for my FME Flow?

Yes, you can buy another computational engine for FME Flow. You can also consider using a more flexible approach and purchasing FME Flow working time, the so-called CPU Time. In case you’re interested in this option, contact us at

I own several FME licenses I got in the past. If I extend or renew AMC technical support for those licenses, will I have to pay according to the new pricing list?

No, the AMC cost doesn’t change for clients who already own FME licenses. It will be calculated using the former pricing table.

I have active FME licenses I got in the past. Can I move over to FME Form and FME Flow? What's the cost?

The current FME users can move over to the FME Form and FME Flow licenses at no additional cost. The cost of renewing AMC (the technical support) for the updated versions will be calculated using the former pricing table.

What if I decide to increase the number of my licenses in the future, e.g., get additional parallel licenses or computational engines? Will I be charged according to the new pricing list?

If you buy additional FME licenses after April 30, 2023, you will be charged according to the new pricing list and licensing model.

I'd like to move over from perpetual licenses into the subscription model. What steps do I take?

We’re glad you want to use the more flexible FME licensing model. Contact us at We’ll schedule a meeting to tell you about the necessary steps. Together with Safe Software, we’ll consider your individual needs and find the best solution.

As a new FME user, can I use the previous versions, such as 2022.1 or older versions of FME Desktop or Server?

New users cannot purchase previous FME versions according to the former pricing list. All orders after April 30, 2023, will be calculated according to the new pricing and license models. This doesn’t apply to the orders that we already began to process.

If you have any other questions about the new FME Platform, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!