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FME 2022.2 is here! Find out what’s new.

By November 10, 2022November 16th, 2022FME
FME 2022.2.

It’s time for FME’s third software update in 2022. Although there aren’t that many changes in the latest version – 2022.2, they make work with data much easier. This time Safe Software is focusing on better process management, wider use of automation, and improved data connectivity – all to make work with the Platform even more efficient and save the users’ time. Let’s take a look at the latest changes!

Unrestricted access to automation – Automation Apps

With Automation Apps, automations can now be shared as a service. They can be used by other FME users in the organization, as well as employees who do not interact with the Platform on a daily basis.

The new feature reduces the risk of errors and workspace failures – changes can now be made to the automation parameters, not the workspace. Automation Apps also make it easier to maintain and manage workspaces and created automations.

This feature is an extension of the possibilities already provided by FME Server Apps.

Optimized resource use – visualized FME Server engine activity

Thanks to the graphical representation of tasks, queues, and FME Server engine activity, administrators have a better view of the server’s resource consumption. Thanks to this they can make more informed and accurate decisions on optimization and licensing, increasing the server’s general performance.

For FME users, this means streamlining their work, as better utilization of server resources reduces the time it takes to execute their tasks.

This functionality is an extension of the Server Analytics, introduced in FME 2022.0, which visualized the activity of FME Server.

Greater data consistency with a single feature – Python-based Writers update

The FME manufacturer has also tended to the needs of FME Desktop users. In version 2022.2, the UPSERT (UPSERT = Update + Insert) function was made available, which allows you to update or add a database entry with a single command. The UPSERT function has now been added for Python Writers: ArcGIS Online Features and ArcGIS Portal Features.

UPSERT speeds up work and improves data quality by reducing duplicated or missing database entries.

Connecting data more efficiently – New enhancements of Readers and Writers

New features in Readers and Writers mean easier handling and even better data flow. Here are the main changes:

  • Cesium 3 Tiles Writer – has gained improved 3D tile generation
  • Snowflake Reader/Writer – now supports new data formats used in Snowflake
  • Snowflake Spatial Writer – with the improved support for the geographic coordinate system, FME users can enter spatial data into Snowflake faster and easier. 

That’s all in this release, but Safe Software is already working on further enhancements to FME Platform. The next release is coming in spring 2023!

Take advantage of the latest improvements FME Platform 2022.2 has to offer, don’t hesitate to download the update.

If you have questions about the latest version of FME, contact us.