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FME 2022.1 is officialy here!

By July 8, 2022November 14th, 2022FME

Safe Software has just released FME 2022.1 bringing major enhancements to the data integration platform. Some of the new features were suggested by FME users. This release brings updating records in one call with UPSERT when writing to a database as well as enhanced Readers, Writers, and Transformers. Let’s take a closer look at all the new features!

Improved data integrity with UPSERT supported by new database formats

The UPSERT (Update + Insert) function allows users to update an existing entry in a database as well as to insert a new, missing entry. It improves the data quality and integrity by reducing the number of duplicated and missing entries.

The 2022.0 FME release added UPSERT support to PostgreSQL, PostGIS, PostGIS Raster, SpatiaLite, and SQLite, while the newest release further expands the support to:

  • File Geodatabase,
  • Mobile Geodatabase,
  • MySQL,
  • MySQL Aurora,
  • MySQL Google,
  • MSSQL,
  • MS Access,
  • Azure,
  • Oracle Autonomous,
  • Oracle Spatial,
  • and Esri Knowledge Graph.

Moreover, UPSERT is now also available in Writers for several databases:

  • GDAL Writers for MongoDB and ElasticSearch
  • JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) Writers for MS Access and MS SQL Server
  • Writers based on Python for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Portal.

Enhanced data integration and transformation with updated Readers, Writers, and Transformers

FME 2022.1 brings updates to Writers, Readers, and Transformers to further improve working with data. Here are the enhancements:

Readers and Writers:

Revit Reader

Increased availability of Revit metadata and support for a larger number of data object categories, such as StairsRun, Stairs Landing, and TopRail.

ACAD Reader and Writer

A new option for setting the default Layer Color type in the ACAD Writer on the attribute level. This makes it easier for the users to save their time and arrange the process in compliance with internal DWG production standards.

Xref’d PDF data are now supported for reading and recording.

MRR MapInfo Reader

A new option for rewriting the MRR Reader with an SDK, adding support to the more recent MRR files. An MRR file can now be accessed in FME together with the cell value range, just like in the MRR software. This enables FME to enforce raster transformation into vector data based on pallet classification.

Excel Reader 

The Reader’s UX got enhanced.

FME AR Writer 

FME AR Writer got updated to comply with the most recent mobile application standards.


BIM360DocConnector Transformer

The retry-after function, Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) files, as well as an option for defining data loading in the function attribute are now all supported.

FME is now added to the list of applications approved by Autodesk in the BIM 360 platform.

DatabaseJoiner Transformer

Esri Geodatabase_File and Geodatabase_SDE format fils are now supported.

Clipper Transformer

The transformer’s UX got enhanced.

TestFilter Transformer

The transformer now has improved efficiency and an option allowing users to add filter matching multiple times.

This isn’t the end of improvements, as Safe Software is already working on the next FME releases. Stay tuned for updates – the next release is planned to be released at the end of the year.

If you have any questions regarding the newest FME release, don’t hesitate to contact us!