The new version of FME – 2021.2 is out now!

By November 5, 2021November 8th, 2021FME

It’s time for the second update this year of the FME data integration platform – FME 2021.2 Let’s find out what changes are waiting for the users!

FME 2021.2 brings a completely new way of storing, presenting, and working with data contained in the database.
In this latest release, Safe Software has also taken care of the FME Server user and administrator experience by focusing on greater ease of use and improving the visual side of the application.

What exactly are the changes that await us in FME 2021.2? Let’s see.

ESRI Knowledge Reader & Writer – a new way to work with data

With ESRI Knowledge, you can combine spatial and non-spatial data in a single view. This is the first ESRI database that steps away from the traditional database in the form of a table. Data is stored with maintaining relationships between pieces of data.

Presenting data in the form of a network of relationships (diagram) allows you to see and analyze the connections between data more easily and discover new knowledge about places, objects, or events.

With FME’s new tools for reading and uploading data to the ESRI Knowledge database, you’ll be able to easily add and remove individual pieces of data along with the relations between them.

FME Server is more user-friendly

The interface changes, and improved Geometry Picker functionalities in FME Server 2021.2 are a tip of the hat to the user.

  • The search function allows you to find a location quickly – without having to manually search by panning the map view.
  • Improved geometry parameters make it even easier to search for and select items.
  • The new Geometry Picker tool interface – with a larger map window, better-designed toolbar and clearer, more intuitive controls – is easier and more convenient to use.
geometry picker fme 2021.2
New Geometry Picker interface

Better management

Safe Software has not forgotten about those who manage FME Server within the organization either.

FME Server version 2021.2 enables single sign-on with a Microsoft account. FME Server administrators will therefore be able to configure and manage access from one place. Users, on the other hand, will be able to log in to the system with a single set of login credentials.

fme server 2021.2

FME Cloud

It is worth mentioning that later this year, Safe Software will provide new features in FME Cloud, including refreshed UX/UI, improved usability, the possibility of launching and configuring FME server instances from a single page.
In addition, you will get a new dashboard, which will make it easier to manage instances thanks to:

  • Visualized active instance alerts
  • Account alerts
  • Quick instance access
  • The possibility to display downtime incidents

The new FME cloud will also give you access to historical data graphs, as well as the ability to configure notifications when FME Cloud resources are running out.

Learn more

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