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Field Force Automation at GPEC (utility company)

By March 30, 2015June 16th, 2015WorkForce Management

Globema is finalizing the implementation of Field Force Automation (FFA) at GPEC (Gdańskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej) – the main district heating distribution network operator in Northern Poland. The project will be finished on 6th April.  

The work force management system will become a crucial element of the currently carried out project that aims is to optimize major business processes at GPEC. GE Field Force Automation, which was selected through a public tender process, will be used by 110 field teams, operating across the seaside cities of Gdansk and Sopot.

At GPEC, the FFA has been integrated with the GIS, Workflow, ERP and Active Directory. Since all these systems come from various vendors, the project was a big integration challenge. Additionally, FFA at GPEC has been interfaced with Google maps as a landbase data source and routing engine as well as with the NFC tags to handle work orders.

FFA implementation results

The expected benefits of FFA implementation at GPEC are, among others:

  • better task organization and increased customer satisfaction due to quicker task fulfillment and fast feedback on completed works
  • lower costs of task realization thanks to optimization of drive routes and simplification of the whole process
  • up-to-date information about completed and planed tasks
  • simpler and more effective field teams management

Project closure

On 23th February, solution stabilization period began. It will be finished on 6th April. Unfortunately the project completion is delayed because of the difficulties related to implementation of the newest version of FFA system (one of the first implementations of FFA v. 12 worldwide). As a compensation of this inconveniences for GPEC, Globema offered free of charge extensions to the integrated solution which will increase the overall system’s business value.

About GE Field Force Automation

GE Energy’s Field Force Automation is a technologically advanced, component-based field service management platform built upon many years of production experience. FFA is a complete solution that works for all your service resources — for both simple and complex work. FFA is solving real business challenges associated with a wide-range of service-related business processes such as: creating service requests, scheduling and dispatching field staff, providing operational visibility, tracking Service Level Agreements (SLAs), managing spare parts inventory, and providing advanced mobile capabilities for your enterprise.


GE FFA includes:

  • The Planning Module for forecasting, strategic, tactical, and operational work order and resource planning
  • The Execution Module for the office and field workforces
  • The Monitoring Module for executive and operational management to stay in the know
  • The Infrastructure Module to deploy, integrate, and configure the model supporting FFA
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