Energy network inventory


Effective operation processes for distribution system operators

Reliability and high quality of energy supply are crucial for the modern economy and everyday life. Distribution Network Operators are evaluated based on different criteria. The most important ones are SAIDI and SAIFI depended on the network status, its observability, and time needed for reacting to the upcoming events. Delayed investments or cuts in energy supply may cause significant losses to the company and the entire economy. If…

  • Your company lacks the information to make informed decisions about extending or upgrading the network

  • You are looking for improvements in network operations

  • You are looking for a more effective way to plan investments

  • You experience problems with updating and accessing data about your network resources

  • You aren’t sure about your distributed energy resource location, including renewables

  • You need to quickly access information about the network equipment and connectivity

  • You need easy access to technical documentation

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End-to-end network infrastructure management solutions

Meet EL.GIS, a Network Inventory System for the energy industry. It’s based on the GE Smallworld system, a scalable, top-class GIS platform designed for network industries.

The solution includes a full energy network model that covers all voltage levels (low, medium, and high). It offers an option for entering topologically connected internal object schematics for full power tracking. The system stores detailed descriptive data about network elements and documents about its structure and operations. It works as a complete technical database about network resources.

EL.GIS is a source of data to plan network operations. It supports the maintenance of the network and its elements by helping to plan inspections, repairs, and reconstructions. It fully supports the key processes of Distribution Network Operators and Transmission System Operators.

Meet our solutions

EL.GIS – the main component


The main component of the solution is EL.GIS Main Module that includes a full data model conforming to the European standards. It allows the transmission and distribution companies to create an asset inventory and topological model of the energy network. It’s based on a highly scalable and efficient Smallworld Core spatial database working in short and long transactions. GIS solutions based on the Smallworld system are currently implemented in over 350 energy companies around the world.

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Functional EL.GIS modules developed by Globema

EL.GIS Operations

DH.GIS Operations supports routine network maintenance activities such as:
→ Periodic and intervention inspections of the network assets, particularly conduits and substations
→ Power network measurements

EL.GIS Transformer Management

Module for end-to-end management of transformers and related devices built upon the module for device replacement and life cycle.

EL.GIS Technical Connection Conditions

Supports the process of preparing and issuing network Technical Connection Conditions.

EL.GIS Dispatcher

The Dispatcher module supports dispatcher operations including finding a particular field in the substation or users powered by a particular substation.


SCADA module provides two-way communication between the EL.GIS system and the SCADA system, as well as loading data about substations and connections from the SCADA system. This module is an extension of the EL.GIS Dispatcher module.

EL.GIS Outage Management

The Outage Management module supports the whole process from identifying outage locations and affected customers, to connection analysis and restoring network stability.

EL.GIS Real Assets

The Real Assets module helps to manage assets located along with the network. It supports managing the lifecycle of the claim cases, compensation cases, cost analyses, and real asset easement.

EL.GIS Geodesy

This module allows you to load, store, and manage geodetic data from external sources.

Supplementary tools

Besides the add-on modules for EL.GIS we provide tools that supplement the network inventory and maintenance processes:

eMaps SOM

This module displays layers directly from external sources, such as geodetic web services. The following data standards are supported: Google Maps, Open Street Map, WMTS, WMS, and WFS.

lv Topology

An intuitive mobile app for maintaining and collecting network data in the field. Includes energy industry glossary for voice control and supports image recognition.

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Provides an access to graphic and text data with a standard Internet browser.

Calculation program interfaces

EL.GIS can be integrated with calculation systems such as PLANS for low and high voltages and Globema’s ElGrid tool that can be used for standard engineering calculations as well as determining the best network operation layout with given optimization criteria.


This product expands the EL.GIS/Smallworld system with generating schemes for medium and low voltage networks. The schemes are generated using dynamic network traces. It’s very efficient, generating schemes for large networks with hundreds of elements within minutes.


An app that automatically categorizes documents and describes them by their issue date and location. It creates a spatial database and allows the user to easily access documents and display them on a map.

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of network with three voltage levels: high, medium, and low


energy stations with internal schematics actively connected to the energy network


other network objects


Globema has over 22 years of experience in creating and implementing specialized IT solutions for energy operators.

EL.GIS is built using the GE Smallworld Network Inventory System


Globema acts as the Authorized Partner and the Value Added Reseller of GE Energy Smallworld GIS software in several European countries. The cooperation covers Smallworld software development & implementation as well as consulting & maintenance services. Since 1997, Globema has conducted hundreds of smaller and larger software delivery, development, and implementation projects for customers from over 30 countries.

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GE is the world market leader in industrial challenges


GE’s software manages 40% of global electricity. It is designed to help utilities and telecommunication companies to better operate, analyze and optimize their operations. Applications based on the GE Smallworld platform are used by over 700 utility service providers (energy, heating, gas & oil, water) across 40 countries worldwide.

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