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Choosing a Field Service Management system: ready-made vs customized software

By October 19, 2022Field Service Management

When choosing the right Field Service Management (FSM) system for your company, you have two key options. You can either purchase ready-made software or commission some additional, custom features. The latter tool can precisely reflect processes at your company.

It would seem that the second pick (a customized tool) is always the right choice. After all, a solution tailored to your needs should surpass products made for a wide user group. However, in reality, many implementations show that it is the out-of-the-box FSM systems that prove to be more effective. Then what are the arguments for each option?


In our article, we compare out-of-the-box and customized FSM software in terms of:

Matching the company’s needs

System’s cost

Available and extra features

The level of the system’s refinement

Interface usability

Keeping up with new technologies and industry requirements