New release of Mobile Data Collector – Telco

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Globema Software Development Center is pleased to announce the new release of Mobile Data Collector for Telecoms (MDC-T). MDC-T is an application used by field workers for stocktaking verification and update of data on the network.

The newest version was extended with:

  • Complete integration with PNI
  • Support for fiber network
  • Improvement in view options
  • More editing options
  • Visibility of internal conduits
  • Imagery support

The newest version gained one more useful feature – the ability to attach images to objects and present them within NI. The application allows to take pictures, using the built-in webcam on tablets or mobile phones and automatically attach them to the respective elements of network infrastructure. Data exchange between MDC-T & Smallworld PNI takes only a few mouse clicks, thanks to embedded Physical Network Invnetory add-on interfaces: MDC-Importer and MDC-Exporter.

About MDC-T:

MDC-Telco is a stand-alone tool created to improve the process of stocktaking network and infrastructure data of telecom operators. It enables field force to optimize the stocktaking efforts in the field while gathering or verifying information. MDC-T supports Smallworld PNI data model but is generally not related to any particular GIS network inventory system and therefore can be used with multiple vendors’ solutions. Benefits:

  • Elimination of paper as a fallible information carrier
  • Time savings and cost reduction in data acquisition process
  • Acceleration of network inventorying process
  • Increase of data quality


Smallworld LNI Technology Packs

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LNI technology packs will allow end customers to very quickly create the base configuration required to support the technology in question. Customers are then able to modify or extend this configuration to suit their specific circumstances.

Each pack provides a document that describes in detail the configuration settings to be used and an explanation of how this configuration is used within LNI. The configuration suite consists of a document describing the concepts and its alignment with LNI model, including an example network, a configuration meta rules package, that can be automatically loaded into LNI application and also a script that can automatically create a sample network within LNI database.

GPON Technology Pack

This Technology Pack offers LNI configuration suite for GPON networks. It utilises Logical Network Inventory data model and adds a set of meta-rule definitions introducing GPON technology using the acknowledged standards. LNI Configuration in this technology suite follows Broadband Forum’s TR-156 Issue2 specification and it is also aligned with Metro Ethernet Forum Carrier Ethernet 2.0 standard. This enables operators to manage and capture network resources using a unified model.

MEF Carrier Ethernet Technology Pack

This Technology Pack provides configuration information and rules for MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services for Logical Network Inventory. It uses Logical Network Inventory data model and adds a set of meta-rule definitions for managing CE2.0 services. LNI Configuration in this Technology Pack follows Metro Ethernet Forum’s Carrier Ethernet 2.0 specifications. Wide acknowledgment of this standard and growing Ethernet utilization should provide broad applicability of this Technology Pack.

About Smallworld Logical Network Inventory

Smallworld Network Inventory software, from GE Energy, offers leading service providers intelligent inventory to control the deployment of their network. The combination of spatially accurate inventory, integrated design intelligence and strategic decision support is critical to business survival.  Logical Network Inventory is a network modeling tool that enables you to document, plan and manage telecommunications networks. It provides you with the tools to model the infrastructure of your network and to effectively manage the bandwidth within it.



Globema and UPC signed an agreement for data migration

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Globema and UPC signed an agreement for data migration of Aster (big Polish triple-play operator acquired recently by UPC) telecommunications network to the UPC’s Network Inventory system. The project is set up for data migration from the Suntech ALC-CARE system to the Smallworld Physical Network Inventory system, implemented and supported by Globema. The contract covers also technical delivery, installation, support and configuration of the Data Quality Tool, an application that allows to control and maintain the quality of data in the PNI system.

Globema`s team has high technical competence based on years of experience in data migration to the Smallworld Network Inventory – implemented both for domestic operators, such as Exatel, Multimedia,, Netia, and foreign companies – Romtelecom, TeliaSonera Denmark, Kazkhtelecom, AboveNet USA and many others.

General scheme of migration process for a single iteration consists of:

  • analysis of source data and location in relation to existing NIS UPC map foundations
  • loading of foundations and infrastructure to the Smallworld system
  • processing and network loading to the new system

An automatic verification and repair process, performed by the Data Quality Tool, will be done after the migration. The data will be tested, errors eliminated and reports stored for the purposes of subsequent repair.

The new NIMS release. Extended PDA support

By Smallworld

Working with the NIMS (Network Inventory Maintenance Support) system is als possible on PDA devices. This is an extension of the existing functionality, implemented in the web technology. Field engineers using NIMS gained new functionalities for work assistant and task reporting. From now on they can call out data stored in the tracking system by the online access to descriptive and graphic data – anytime and anywhere.

Most changes in the network are introduced by field technicians, who are often employees of external contractors. Detailed reports of changes in the network determine an additional obligation for them. To minimize total effort required for reporting the changes, workers should be provided with a simple, efficient and user friendly tool for entering change details. Flow of such reports inside organization should be supported by automated tools, reducing the need for manual rewrites and updates, yet enabling manual checks and corrections to ensure high quality and safety of network inventory database.

NIMS is a add-on module for Smallworld Network Inventory aimed at organizing the process of reporting changes in the network and updating the network inventory. Up-to-date information about all assets is essential for important business processes – service fulfillment, planning and engineering, outage management and network maintenance.

Read more about NIMS


Over 60 Certified Smallworld™ experts. And counting!

By Smallworld

Our team of Certified Smallworld™ professionals already consists of over 60 engineers. In this regard Globema is the second company in the world. The scope of Globema expertise covers almost all applications from the Smallworld™ product family:

  • Smallworld Core
  • Smallworld Internet Application Server
  • GeoSpatial Server
  • Global Transmission Office
  • Gas Distribution Office
  • Electric Office
  • Design Manager
  • Field Force Automation
  • Physical Network Inventory
  • Logical Network Inventory

Globema is also a Smallworld Authorized Training Center™. We provide a variety of Smallworld–related courses worldwide. Sessions can be arranged on demand both in our training facility and at customer sites. The standard Smallworld training courses are based on the functionality of the standard products: Smallworld Core Spatial Technology, Smallworld Internet Application Server (SIAS), Smallworld Spatial Intelligence (SI). We also provide courses on Physical Network Inventory, Logical Network Inventory and other industry-specific Smallworld applications. Courses are based around the example applications and demonstration databases provided with these products, often with the addition of customer-specific functionality.

Our trainers are highest class specialists, combining knowledge with training abilities. Globema currently employs over 100 people. Most of them are highly qualified specialists, whose skills, knowledge and experience are also supported by other (non-GE) certificates: Scrum, PRINCE2, FME (Trainer & Professional).


Globema and GE Energy sign reseller agreement

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GE Energy’s Smallworld™ Network Inventory solutions help telecommunications operators and utilities to more effectively manage their networks by reducing network capital and operational expenditures, improving network utilization, increasing workforce productivity, reducing planning and engineering time, accelerating response to network outages and reducing risk of provisioning failure.

Globema, a value-added reseller for GE Energy, has developed several specialized, industry-specific products that extend the functionality of Smallworld™ Network Inventory. A number of these products will now be re-sold by GE and included on GE’s official price list.

The agreement confirms Globema’s expertise in Smallworld™ development and demonstrates the value of the functionality and quality of these products. First products covered by the agreement are:

All products were developed at the Software Development Centre, Globema’s R&D unit in Warsaw, Poland.

Powertech IST becomes Globema Business Partner for Sub Saharian Africa territory

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Based in the Republic of South Africa, Powertech IST is a diversified engineering solution provider and value-added systems integrator, with extensive experience in energy, mining, metals and ICT industries.

It’s newly signed partnership with Globema covers the reselling of Globema’s Smallworld-based applications and add-on modules to telecommunication, energy and district heating companies. For Globema the contract means extension of it’s international sales for the region being until now beyond reach.

UPC Broadband Slovakia selected Smallworld

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Globema s.r.o., the Czech subsidiary of Globema Ltd. Poland, signed a contract for delivery and implementation of the network inventory system (NIS) at UPC Broadband Slovakia, one of leading Slovakian providers of triple play services.

The System will be based on the GE Smallworld Network Inventory family of products from GE Energy, primarily on the Physical Network Inventory (PNI) application for telecommunication operators. The standard PNI functionality will be extended by implementing of modules developed by Globema, e.g. specialized web browsers and optic fibres management tools.

The project focus is support of business processes that are related to optical network: network inventory, outages management, network development planning and maintenance. Expected benefits are: better quality of services provided to business clients and significant costs savings thanks to better data quality and smoother internal processes arrangement. The contract includes, besides system installation and customization, data migration of Bratislava optical network, an extended training cycle and technical and system maintenance services.

UPC Broadband Slovakia is the second, after UPC Poland, firm of UPC Group that selected both Smallworld software and Globema as the vendor of software and the whole system implementation.

For Globema, signing the contract means strengthening of its position as a leading supplier of GIS solutions for telecommunication industry in CEE region.

ROMTELECOM selected GE Smallworld Physical Network Inventory

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Globema RO s.r.l., the Romanian subsidiary of Globema, signed a contract for delivery and implementation of GE Smallworld network inventory solution for telecommunication operators – Physical Network Inventory (PNI).

The newest PNI version 4.1 will replace the existing old Smallworld application – modelIT, being in use today only for network documentation purposes. The main project goal is a wider support for Romtelecom business processes, especially with regard to management of fiber network in Bucharest. As the result the expected benefits are: better support for services’ provisioning, more accurate network planning and extensions, improvement of customer care and quality of services.
The new system will be based on the PNI, enhanced by Globema add-on modules for optical cables – Optical Network Atlas and Fiber Route Manager. The project scope includes development of new functionalities according to Romtelecom specific requirements, software installation and configuration, data migration of Bucharest optical and copper cables network, an extended training cycle and technical and system maintenance services. The whole solution will be provided with Romanian GUI and local coordinate system.

For Globema, signing the contract means strengthening its position as a leading supplier of Smallworld-based Network Inventory solutions for telecommunication industry in the CEE region.

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