New release of Mobile Data Collector – Telco

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Globema Software Development Center is pleased to announce the new release of Mobile Data Collector for Telecoms (MDC-T). MDC-T is an application used by field workers for stocktaking verification and update of data on the network.

The newest version was extended with:

  • Complete integration with PNI
  • Support for fiber network
  • Improvement in view options
  • More editing options
  • Visibility of internal conduits
  • Imagery support

The newest version gained one more useful feature – the ability to attach images to objects and present them within NI. The application allows to take pictures, using the built-in webcam on tablets or mobile phones and automatically attach them to the respective elements of network infrastructure. Data exchange between MDC-T & Smallworld PNI takes only a few mouse clicks, thanks to embedded Physical Network Invnetory add-on interfaces: MDC-Importer and MDC-Exporter.

About MDC-T:

MDC-Telco is a stand-alone tool created to improve the process of stocktaking network and infrastructure data of telecom operators. It enables field force to optimize the stocktaking efforts in the field while gathering or verifying information. MDC-T supports Smallworld PNI data model but is generally not related to any particular GIS network inventory system and therefore can be used with multiple vendors’ solutions. Benefits:

  • Elimination of paper as a fallible information carrier
  • Time savings and cost reduction in data acquisition process
  • Acceleration of network inventorying process
  • Increase of data quality


MagMaster – 4D location platform for logistics

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Globema has started another project co-funded by the European Union under the “Innovative Economy” program. The project will be conducted at the Globema R&D Unit – Software Development Center, in the RTLS Development Lab.

MagMaster is a software system designed for warehouses which automatically identifies and tracks location of objects or people in real time, usually within a warehouse building or its external area.

Main features:

  • Modelling warehouse interior including floors, walls, storage racks, pallets, forklifts, persons.
  • Modelling lanes in warehouse where forklifts can move
  • Identification and tracking of persons working in warehouse
  • Object finder which shows current position of selected object using 3D warehouse view
  • Planning work for forklifts / Presenting jobs to forklift operator
  • Calculating optimal route for forklift through warehouse

MagMaster uses the 3D Real Time Location System technology by Ubisense. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Department of Geodesy and Cartography of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Read more about MAGMASTER



Emitel selected Globema to implement FFA

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Emitel, the leading terrestrial radio and TV broadcast infrastructure operator in Poland, has selected Field Force Automation (FFA) product for their new mobile workforce management solution. Globema, the leading VAR of GE Energy’s software in Central and Eastern Europe will deliver and implement the system. Emitel and Globema signed a respective contract on December 30th 2011, and the project has started from the beginning of January 2012.

Przemysław Kurczewski, CEO of Emitel, said:

We have chosen Globema’s offer with FFA for our work force management primarily because we need a solution built on a worldwide leading, standard and powerful product with a proven track record of successful implementations. Globema performed the proof of concept and presented the return on investment model, both based on Emitel’s real data and working environment. This provided a reliable evidence that implementation of FFA can enable Emitel to achieve expected benefits such as a growth of productivity and reduction of operational cost in our mobile workforce operations. These are important goals of the project and we are eager to cooperate with Globema to achieve them promptly.”

Under the agreement Globema will deliver, configure and implement the system, including adaptation to specific customer’s requirements (such as special reports) where needed, as well as integrate FFA with other systems of the enterprise’s IT environment. Next, Globema will train Emitel’s staff in using the system. Emitel plans that FFA will be used by their mobile crew of 300 technicians. Globema shall also provide support and maintenance services.

We are excited to be working with Emitel on FFA implementation and to become a part of their strategy to enhance company’s operations by application of advanced IT solutions” says Marek Gondzio, President and CEO of Globema, “Emitel is the first customer of FFA in Poland. Winning the project at Emitel is a meaningful step for Globema in our strategy to expand the offer with innovative solutions based on modern and robust products and technologies.”

About Emitel

Emitel is the leading terrestrial radio and TV broadcast infrastructure operator in Poland. Services provided by Emitel are divided into three groups: radio, TV and communications. Emitel is the country leader in digital radio/TV emission and development of services based on the state-of-the-art wireless systems. They are dynamically getting into Ethernet and IP based services as Virtual Private Networks, Internet Access, Content Delivery or Digital Signage.

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Globema introduced a RTLS solution to its portfolio

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Globema introduced to its portfolio a RTLS solution (Real-Time Location System) for the precise location of objects in real time. The solution is designed by a British company Ubisense.

The system can locate objects to within 15 cm for both indoors or in open spaces. This accuracy allows the use of RTLS technology in many fields, including logistics and storage, automotive manufacturing, oil industry, hazardous environments, transportation, livestock management, and many others. With its functionality Ubisense product supports the action of various processes leading to the optimization of their progress, improve efficiency and reduce costs and time needed to achieve the intended business purpose. With regard to production processes, the system is able to reduce the effects of errors caused by mistakes of personnel, optimize use of tools and shorten the time needed to perform tasks.

Among the ca. 400 customers benefiting from the Ubisense RTLS are BMW, Honda, DHL, BP, Metro Transit, Airbus, Boeing, U.S. Army, and others. The Ubisense system is characterized by high efficiency and versatility of applications. The system is enabling rapid return on investment, often in less than 12 months, because the data generated provides a level of transparency in complex processes which cannot be achieved intuitively or visually.

This solution is based on the technology of ultra wideband (UWB) radio wave. The system consists of three components:

  • active (battery powered) tags which transmit UWB pulses used to determine their location;
  • sensors mounted on fixed infrastructure which receive and evaluate the signals from the tags;
  • a software platform to aggregate the positional data generated, presenting, analyzing and communicating information to users and relevant information systems.

When setting up the system, one 3D co-ordinate reference grid is specified for the whole multi-cell configuration. The visualization module displays the tags in real-time as they move around the reference grid, irrespective of which cell currently contains them. Registration and presentation of objects in space with an accuracy of 15 cm is possible due to the fact that UWB technology is free from errors related to the reflections of radio waves that occur in systems based on RFID or WiFi technology.

We are seeing continued development of the market and the growing importance of location systems and automatic identification, which allows us to believe in the success of new Globema’s product, and augurs good perspectives for sales of RTLS solutions on Polish, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia markets.