Unified Command Support System for Polish Emergency Medical Services

SWD PRM Case Study

About the project

Learn how our team helped to improve the work of Polish medical dispatch centers and rescue teams.


Industry: Emergency medical services
Country: Poland
Solution / Service: SWD PRM, Field Service & Mobile Workforce Management


The goal of the project carried out by the IT Project Center (CPI – Centrum Projektów Informatycznych) was to create a national Emergency Communication IT System (SIPR – System Informatycznego Powiadamiania Ratunkowego). The aim of the system was to standardize and improve emergency medical operations across the country. The system needed to be integrated with the existing systems of the Emergency Communication Center as well as the Universal Map Module (applications using geospatial data), Medical Information System, and other domain systems.

The Command Support System for National Emergency Medical Services (SWD PRM – System Wspomagania Dowodzenia Państwowego Ratownictwa Medycznego) is a part of the SIPR system. Globema and our partner, Pentegy, won the public tender to develop this system.

The target users of SWD PRM are emergency team dispatchers (allocating ambulances to emergency calls) and the emergency medical teams themselves. The goal of the system was to support the emergency medical teams in reaching the emergency site as fast as possible as well as maintaining the medical documentation.

Because it is the health and life of people that depend on the efficient operation of the Command Support System for National Emergency Medical Services it was crucial for the system to be failure-free and that it could operate 24/7 and that new versions of software and subsequent extensions could be implemented without disturbing the work of its users.

This project was subsidized through the “Emergency Communication System” project in the EU-funded Innovative Economy Operational Program, Priority Axis 7 – “Information Society – Heading for Electronic Administration Services”.

Our contribution to the project

The SWD PRM system was developed from scratch. Our team was responsible for:

  • Conducting the requirement analysis
  • Building the system foundation. We created the operational apps (for the dispatcher and emergency medical teams (desktop and mobile respectively)
  • Designing the system architecture and creating basic mechanisms
  • Developing the Analyst Module, which enables data analysis and correction. The module is designed for dispatchers of emergency medical teams, voivodship offices and the Ministry of Health
  • Creating and configuring databases with information about emergency calls, the location of ambulances, medical documentation, and other data
  • Designing and assembling the hardware infrastructure, performing configurations at the server rooms
  • Installing the system at several dozens of medical dispatch centers
  • Integrating the SWD PRM system with the system of the Emergency Notification Centers (112)
  • For several years since the first launch, we have been providing 24/7 technical support for the system (currently provided by a different company)

The system is used by

Medical dispatchers
Emergency medical team members
Doctors coordinating emergency medical services
Ministry of Health


Within less than a year we created the Command Support System for National Emergency Medical Services (SWD PRM – System Wspomagania Dowodzenia Państwowego Ratownictwa Medycznego). It is the central system for dispatching ambulances and emergency medical teams. It improves the workflow and information flow within the emergency services and significantly shortens the reaction time to an emergency.

The first production launch of SWD PRM took place in June 2016 in the medical dispatch center in Gorzow Wielkopolski at two medical dispatcher positions and 6 Medical Rescue Teams in the Gorzow operational area. At the end of October 2017, the implementation of SWD PRM in the whole country was completed.

SWD PRM enables:

  • managing emergency medical teams effectively
  • a seamless exchange of information on incidents between all emergency services (medical rescue teams, fire department, police and Rescue Notification Centers – 112)
  • immediately including the police and fire department in handling the incident, thanks to the integration with the system of the Rescue Notification Centers – 112
  • supporting teams to quickly reach the emergency site
  • assigning tasks and recording medical activities
  • preparing medical records on mobile devices
  • handling unforeseen events – moving tasks from one dispatch center to another in case of an outage
  • tracking location and status of medical rescue teams
  • preparing reports for the National Health Fund
  • maintaining efficient communication between the teams
  • integrating the medical emergency system with the telephone communication system
  • analyzing data to improve the work of emergency services in Poland

We support Medical Rescue Teams across the entire country

The Command Support System for National Emergency Medical Services was introduced at several dozens of dispatch centers and 1585 emergency rescue teams around Poland.

A unified system makes it possible to move tasks from one dispatch center to another in case of an outage or overload. The nationwide database allows the Ministry of Health to maintain the pre-hospital care registry that can be used to improve the national emergency services.

One of the outcomes of implementing SWD PRM is centralization which shortens the task processing time. However, the most important benefit of the system is a much shorter reaction time of the emergency units working on the borders of operation regions.

SWD PRM is a unique system in Europe that helps to centrally manage all emergency medical teams in Poland. It’s also the largest medical rescue database that stores nationwide information. This enables performing insightful analyses to make plans and informed decisions about the medical services.

SWD PRM in a nutshell

Who uses information stored in SWD PRM?

  • dispatchers covering 220 positions
  • doctors and paramedics working at 1585 medical rescue teams
  • doctors coordinating emergency medical services
  • analysts responsible for settlements with the National Health Fund
  • the Ministry of Health representatives
  • central, regional, and local system administrators
dispatch positions
emergency medical teams

SWD PRM supports paramedics during the pandemic

To support emergency medical services during the coronavirus pandemic, in less than 3 days we created a new functionality that helps emergency teams avoid getting infected by the coronavirus.

We partnered with the Gabos Software company and the National Center for Monitoring Medical Emergency Services.

How does the functionality work?

If the emergency site is a quarantined household, the system sends an automatic notification. This information is delivered both to the dispatcher and the emergency medical team. This way, the team is ready to proceed with all procedures preventing exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

To improve fieldwork of the emergency services during the pandemic, in April 2020 we shared our Field Service Management SWD PRM tools for free to all public service providers involved in fighting COVID-19.

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