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Industry: Interior design
Service: GeoTask
Category: Field Service & Mobile Workforce Management


Our client is a pioneer of innovative solutions in the furniture and interior design industry. To stay ahead in the increasingly competitive market, the company wanted to improve its customer service in the area of product delivery and installation, as well as handling complaints.

Previously, these tasks were carried out by subcontractors (outsourcing model), while our client’s goal was to build both a team and a system to handle orders and requests internally (insourcing).

Moreover, the client wanted to have full control over their processes, which was not possible when working with subcontractors.

The company was looking for a business partner who would deliver a system meeting all these expectations.


Globema proposed a solution perfectly suited to the client’s needs – GeoTask. It is a Field Service Management tool used for automated planning and assignment of field tasks. We have successfully integrated the GeoTask system with our client’s CRM system.

What made the client choose our solution?

  • a large number of needed functionalities
  • easy and quick implementation that required our minimal assistance (which reduces costs on the client’s side)
  • functionalities that facilitate performing tasks in compliance with the GDPR and the personal data protection laws
  • a stable and reputable system provider, which was important as the client was planning to further develop the system in the future
  • the quality provided by Globema, as well as the team’s flexibility, and commitment during the system selection process

The client uses GeoTask to handle complaints and to coordinate the furniture assembly process, which as a rule takes multiple days to complete.

The system features that the interior design company found the most important were the ease of use and comprehensive task scheduling.


Other functions that were equally significant included the possibility of:

  • compiling and visualizing a schedule to handle complaints,
  • automatically assigning complaint tasks and related transport tasks,
  • checking the plan and status of complaint handling by call center employees which improves the entire process and communication with the customer. Each call center employee knows the most up-to-date status of all the complaints and the subsequent steps in the complaint handling process.
  • conveniently and efficiently managing the whole furniture assembly process over multiple days until completion,
  • controlling employee schedules with an option to calculate working hours,
  • analyzing the GPS trace of assembly teams,

The mobile application turned out to be the key element in improving fieldwork and the complaint-handling process.

The application allows fieldwork employees to send photos of furniture submitted in a complaint directly to the company’s office. Thanks to this feature, the office can immediately analyze the photos taken by fieldworkers during the inspection and determine whether the complaint is legitimate.

The application can operate offline so the entire system works smoothly even when employees visit places with no Internet or poor connection. The data is automatically updated as soon as GeoTask reconnects to the network.


Who uses GeoTask?

Planners/Dispatchers – for automated task planning and assignment (several dozen people)
Field workers
Customer service employees (call center)

Our system helped improve our client’s work in three main areas:

Communication between employees and with customers

  • GeoTask has improved communication between field workers and the dispatcher assigning tasks. It has also improved communication between field workers and the claims department, resulting in more efficient order processing.
  • Thanks to the Customer Notification Module that we have implemented the customer can be informed via sms about an appointment, receive a reminder before the visit, get information about the technician’s location, or about a possible delay in the appointment.

Task planning and calculating working hours

  • Automated scheduling and task assignment in GeoTask has streamlined the scheduling process, significantly reducing turnaround time.
  • GeoTask significantly simplifies calculating work hours and complying with applicable labor laws.

Complaint handling and customer service quality

  • Information about the status of the complaint process is available online and is continuously updated. The customer service staff can monitor the process in real-time.
  • The Notification Module allows the customer to access the self-care portal and the option to cancel an appointment or reschedule without calling the hotline.

Geotask helped our client to streamline the work of dispatchers, field staff, and consultants while achieving the company’s primary goal – to improve customer service in the area of claims, as well as furniture delivery, and installation.


Our client’s primary challenge, the solution they chose, and goals we helped them achieve:


✓ improving the complaint handling process
increasing the quality of customer service



improved customer service quality and efficiency
✓ faster order fulfillment
simplified tracking of employee work time, and compliance with legal requirements

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