How did Livre improve the delivery process with GeoTraxx?

Learn how GeoTraxx, a route optimization system, helped Livre streamline its daily task organization and significantly improve its customer service.

About the project

Business development and searching for new IT solutions go hand in hand. Nobody knows it better than Livre, a delivery company providing transport and assembly services to one of the leading Polish furniture manufacturers.


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Industry: Transport
Country: Poland
Service: GeoTraxx
Category: Field Service & Mobile Workforce Management


Livre provides services to a popular furniture chain, and to meet the client’s high expectations, the company needed an efficient system to manage tasks in the field. This was especially important since the client company continued its online sales despite the closure of the stationary stores. Previously, the company has never used any system to record tasks, scheduling, or routes. Recording and settling tasks was done using popular spreadsheets. All documents related to service provision (e.g. acceptance protocols) were generated manually, which took a lot of time and wasn’t free of mistakes.

However, providing real-time reports on the performed tasks was one of the conditions that the furniture manufacturer included in the tender process for the delivery company. A system for handling transport tasks thus became the key to promising cooperation with a major market player. According to the system defined by Livre, the system was supposed to:

reduce the task registration time, so that customers wouldn’t have to wait long for information about the delivery date of the ordered furniture

automatically generate transport documents (acceptance protocols, vehicle route cards, transport order) for the furniture chain and Livre

collect photos of signed acceptance protocols and other documents and send them to the furniture company

attach the delivery notes to the invoice report for the furniture company


Why GeoTraxx?

The client chose a route optimization system, GeoTraxx, due to its rapid implementation capabilities. GeoTraxx is available in the cloud so the service can be easily launched in 24 hours and the client can avoid the cost of advanced hardware infrastructure for large optimizations.

Other features that determined the choice of the solution were as follows:

  • The high flexibility of the GeoTraxx system that enabled mapping of complex logistics processes
  • The possibility of ordering additional functionalities to the system
  • The possibility of efficient acceptance of orders from customers at a customer service point (thanks to the visits module).
  • Real-time reporting to the furniture manufacturer (read-only access).
  • The option to generate specialized reports on request of the furniture network using FME, a Data Integration Platform.
geotask mobile and web


How does it work today?

Without the IT support from Globema and their GeoTraxx program, it would have been impossible to grow our company and expand our client’s portfolio. GeoTraxx has been completely tailored to both our needs and our client’s requirements. This program has shown that when starting a new project, we are not necessarily forced to write our own logistics program. That would require us to spend hundreds of thousands of zlotys and update it on an ongoing basis. The purchase of a license and a few meetings was enough for the program to provide all the functions we needed.
Adrian Sadowski, Livre

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