Telco Network Data Migration to Smallworld at Danish GlobalConnect


Find out how Globema helped GlobalConnect migrate telecommunication network data to a network inventory system based on GE Smallworld and supported a seamless merger of two telco companies.


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Industry: Telecommunications
Country: Denmark
Solution: Data Migration, Smallworld
Category: Network Inventory

GlobalConnect is a big telecommunication company operating in Northern Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Their physical network comprises of 100 000 kilometers of fiber, 3 300 access nodes, and 16 datacenters of a total surface of 33 000 square meters.

About the Project

In 2018 GlobalConnect A/S acquired the Danish fiber network provider Nianet A/S. The merger of the two companies meant that also two different production OSS landscapes with different standards of data flows, modeling & maintenance routines had to be combined.

As Globema was helping Nianet maintain their Smallworld base solution prior to the acquisition by GlobalConnect, we were asked to assist in the process of merging the physical network inventory solutions utilized by the two companies.

Challenges & Requirements

Merging two different network inventory systems with different data modeling & maintenance standards: ConnectMaster & MapInfo (used by GlobalConnect) and Smallworld PNI (used by Nianet before their merger with GlobalConnect).
This included:
  • understanding the ConnectMaster data model
  • migrating data from ConnectMaster & MapInfo to GE Smallworld Physical Network Inventory (PNI) and Physical Route Manager (PRM)
Data integration – providing data to other systems, including CROSS – a logical network inventory. This allowed to correlate end-user services with the physical data they are routed through.
Taking care of both user groups – it was vital to our client that the selected single network inventory operates similarly to the old Connect Master solution. So that GlobalConnect employees can adjust to the change quickly.
Observing a strict deadline – we had a strictly limited time for a productive migration of substantial amounts of data.


What did we deliver to GlobalConnect? We performed workshops and a thorough technical analysis which resulted in providing a detailed description of the proposed migration process, including both network data and system features.

We prepared a multi-stage migration procedure that not only allowed to migrate legacy data but also eliminated data gaps & inconsistencies:

We used the data integration platform FME to convert & aggregate spatial data from MapInfo into a special intermediary database.

We created an automatic Smallworld configuration with necessary specifications, templates, and data types.

We migrated all successive data layers such as structures (trenches, ducts, manholes), cables, rack-mounted devices, fiber connections and fiber relations to represent customer services.

The most challenging part was that both systems contained location information about exactly the same real-life underground structures. They needed to be carefully analyzed and combined. Thankfully most of the work was carried out automatically. We verified the data on every stage of the migration process and performed data cleansing where necessary.

We upgraded Nianet’s old Smallworld solution comprising of GE Physical Network Inventory (PNI), and Globema modules: Physical Route Manager (PRM) & Optical Network Atlas (ONA), to let users take advantage of the latest product features.
We conducted internal testing, provided UAT scenarios, supported UATs and delivered a detailed documentation.
We provided training for new users of PNI, PRM and ONA.


Thanks to the work performed by Globema’s team, GlobalConnect gained a top quality, unified and comprehensive network inventory system based on the GE Smallworld platform. It provides a single source of knowledge about physical network resources across all company departments.

Smallworld has introduced further process automation at the company. To provide an example: calculations and reports that were previously prepared manually, can now be generated using standard tools provided within Smallworld PNI.

Implementing the new system also helped eliminate data gaps and improve the overall quality of data stored in the network inventory system.

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The Network Data Migration at GlobalConnect in Numbers

This is how much information about GlobalConnect’s telco network has been migrated to the new Smallworld network inventory system:

locations (buildings, cabinets, manholes, etc.)
underground route segments
fiber paths stored as PRM routes
rack-mounted and in-field devices
optical fiber cables

Further Developments

We have been providing services to Nianet A/S since 2016 and before its merger with GlobalConnect. Currently we provide technical support services covering the whole Smallworld environment of GlobalConnect Denmark, including Globema’s original modules (PRM, ONA & History Module) and customizations.

The company also intends to work with Globema on new projects, including the delivery of Smallworld PNI enhancements.


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