How Exatel improved the end-to-end management of their telecommunication service infrastructure

Learn how Globema supported Exatel in deploying Smallworld Network Inventory Solution to address the telco operator’s challenges.

About the project

Exatel turned to Globema in search of a geospatial network infrastructure system closely integrated with the operator’s other operational support systems. Additionally, cost-effectiveness was an important criteria. Exatel chose the GE Smallworld Network Inventory system. Has the implementation helped the company to overcome its challenges?


Industry: Telecommunications
Country: Poland
Product / Service: Smallworld GIS
Category: Network Asset Management

Exatel S.A. is a leading telecommunications operator for business and public administration in Poland with more than 1500 customers, mainly large size companies and institutions. The operator is experienced in providing service lines, including data transmission, line lease, voice, and Internet services, as well as hosting and co-location.


What were Exatel’s struggles before we began our partnership?

Managing a vast network


of fiber optic







Raising demand for dedicated high-broadband connections

Inaccurate network capacity information

resulting in inefficient and insufficient support in the service design and technical survey processes and also causing ineffective resource utilization

Missed or time-consuming field activities

due to incorrect as-built documentation


How we helped Exatel overcome their challenges with the Smallworld system

GE Smallworld Network Inventory Solution deployed at Exatel addressed the company’s needs and allowed them to efficiently plan, design, build, operate and maintain its network infrastructure. End-to-end service visualization maps the service to the supporting logical resources and then to the physical network. Fiber network support helps maintain and manage fiber routes and provides standardized optical path schematics. Support for IP/ MPLS includes capacity checking for IP services, monitoring of utilized Ethernet links, ports, and QoS classes, and planning maintenance jobs.

The system was designed to allow Exatel to automate new service qualification and creation:
  • Based on the required service addresses and parameters, system performs a service qualification for determining whether the service can be provided based on existing and planned network resources.
  • The sales team receives service implementation options to make a detailed offer for the customer.
  • After signing the contract, the system creates the detailed design of the service implementation and forwards work orders to the field crews via the order management system.
  • The inventory is updated based on both field reports for non-managed systems and updates from network management systems
  • The service infrastructure documentation is kept up-to-date, service maintenance plans are activated and documented and the billing system is updated to charge for the service provided.

The solution components

GE Physical Network Inventory (PNI)

The core solution platform for a telecommunication operator. Provides data model and all tools for storing and managing a network. Based on highly scalable and efficient Smallworld Core spatial database working in short and long transactions. Implemented in more than 150 telecoms around the world.

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GE Logical Network Inventory (LNI)

Tightly integrated with PNI, adds a capability to store logical information on top of physical resources. Provides a single view of multi-vendor, multi-technology logical data across all areas of operation.

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Standard add-ons developed by Globema

Physical Route Manager

Introduces a data model and tools for managing physical paths in optical networks, brings enhanced modeling of optical devices into PNI.

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Optical Path Scheme

Introduces fiber-level schematics for splices and locations (also available in Network Inventory Gateway).

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Network Inventory Maintenance Support

Web client which allows from-the-field data reporting straight to PNI.

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Service Inventory

A set of LNI tools that enable backbone service design and management.

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LNI Connector

Auto-discover and reconciliation tool for Logical Network Inventory.

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The Smallworld solutions for the telecommunications industry help customers to reduce network capital and operational expenditure by:

Improving network utilization through better understanding of available network assets

Increasing workforce productivity supported by network planning tools and processes

Reducing planning and engineering time based on accurate physical network inventory records

Accelerating response to network outages with knowledge of the exact location of network faults

Reducing risk of provisioning failure based on accurate knowledge of the physical connectivity of the network

Exatel, in conjunction with Globema, developed an end-to-end network inventory system that is in a central position within their business processes. The Smallworld solution is in use daily, and the system positioning has stimulated people to understand how and why they should use it. The integrated solution enables fast, accurate responses to customer service requests and timely service implementation. The well-defined business process ensures the Smallworld Network Inventory is maintained to provide an accurate up-to-date model of the physical and logical network.

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