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Food products of the highest quality will reach you efficiently and quickly thanks to GeoTraxx – a field task management application. is a premium delicatessen with 24-hour delivery, offering top quality services, using modern business solutions. Find out what connects Globema, online grocery shopping and the most demanding gourmets.


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Industry: Retail, e-commerce
Country: Poland
Solution / Service: GeoTraxxGoogle Maps
Category: Field Service & Mobile Workforce Management

Deli2 is an online store offering exclusive food products from delicatessens and artisan manufacturers across Poland, as well as specialties from all around the world. The website gathers 40 selected suppliers and has in its offer almost 12 000 positions. Customers will find here such delicacies as fresh truffles, caviar, or original French champagnes. The store’s offer has been supplemented with products of brands popular on the domestic market. The company also has a stationery store at 3 Wilcza Str. in Warsaw.


Deli2 is a company that has set its mind on becoming a leader in the premium online shopping sector. Their goal is to reach 10 million customers by 2024.

From the very beginning Deli2 has opted for state-of-the-art tools that will support their growth and give them a competitive edge. All this to provide demanding customers with an unprecedented quality of service.

Deli2 - online grocery

The company was looking for a solution that would help them:

minimize operating

ensure high quality
of deliveries

monitor the entire delivery
process step by step


GeoTraxx solution proposed by Globema – a Field Service Management tool using Google Maps resources to support route planning and assignment of tasks to couriers, perfectly fit into the process of planning and handling Deli2 deliveries.

GeoTraxx was integrated with the SAP Business One Deli2 system, from which it receives the shopping list for customers. It is in GeoTraxx where the whole process of delivery management takes place.

GeoTraxx provides:

  • automatic delivery planning
  • registration of delivery execution
  • registration of changes in order specifications

It also supports the planning and handling of the collection of goods from the suppliers by couriers and the process of compiling orders and their delivery to the end customers. In addition, it supports route planning and task allocation, and thus streamlines the work of logistics specialists.

When the delivery is completed, the information about the actual delivery time and the updated list of purchases received by the customer is returned from GeoTraxx to Deli2’s SAP Business One system.


GeoTraxx provides advanced automation of the process of delivery of purchases, but above all, full control over each stage of the order – something that was particularly important to Deli2.

Our customer receives accurate information about whether:

The supplier has provided products in accordance with the order of its customers

The delivery to the customer has been completed and at what time

The customer has accepted the entire delivery, or had any comments

Thanks to the possibilities offered by GeoTraxx, the online store provides customers with top-notch service and allows efficient implementation of business objectives.

Streamlining the processes within the organization is an important step towards taking a leading place in the market for premium purchases with home delivery.

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