Revolutionizing logistics: GeoTraxx enhances efficiency and sustainability at As Max Group

Transforming furniture delivery in the e-commerce industry

About the client

Established in 2013, As Max Group, a Polish company, specializes in transportation and furniture assembly services for e-commerce companies across Europe. With a presence in key countries such as Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland, As Max Group handles approximately 30,000 furniture assemblies and deliveries annually.


Industry: Retail & E-commerce
Country: Poland
Solution: GeoTraxx
Category: Field Service Management


As Max Group faced challenges in managing the increasing volume of furniture deliveries for large e-commerce clients throughout Europe. Handling 2,500-3,000 orders monthly with 30 teams posed logistical difficulties. Manual planning using Excel, area codes, and Google Maps led to inefficiencies, hindering resource optimization.

The company sought a solution to streamline global furniture delivery and assembly, enabling automated route planning, optimal resource utilization, and automated customer appointment scheduling. The emphasis was on reducing environmental impact, enhancing delivery efficiency, and providing comprehensive reporting to furniture vendors.

Specifically, our client emphasized the necessity for a system that could:

Automatically and efficiently plan viable routes within a specific timeframe and region.

Arrange optimal routes to reduce the number of kilometers traveled, aligning with the company’s environmental policy aimed at minimizing CO2 emissions.

Automatically plan task assignments, considering detailed parameters such as driver skills, permits, vehicle equipment, and required delivery time.

Automate the appointment scheduling process for customers awaiting furniture delivery.


We proposed GeoTraxx, Globema’s all-encompassing Field Service Management (FSM) solution tailored for automatic route planning and fieldwork management. GeoTraxx system comprises…

  • a dispatcher’s application,
  • a mobile app for field crews,
  • a self-service client application,
  • and an optimization engine for routing and task scheduling.

This global solution allowed As Max Group to manage logistics seamlessly across all supported regions, aligning with the company’s focus on serving customers beyond Poland. Deployed in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, GeoTraxx utilized the secure Google Cloud platform.

GeoTraxx and work scheduling

GeoTraxx automated the complex task of planning routes and work schedules, considering factors such as:

time windows

realistic travel times

individual task execution times

delivery deadlines

specific equipment or skills and permits

This resulted in the rapid generation of feasible routes and delivery schedules, optimizing resource utilization for simultaneous tasks across diverse locations.

GeoTraxx and appointment scheduling & customer service

GeoTraxx facilitated automatic notifications to customers about scheduled visits, enhancing appointment success rates. This increased customer satisfaction by ensuring smooth deliveries.

GeoTraxx also utilized precise navigation through the mobile app as well as Google Places APIs: Geocoding API and Directions API, enhancing driver efficiency.

GeoTraxx screen

GeoTraxx and work reporting

Given the intricate nature of As Max Group’s business, the precise documentation of tasks and the creation of detailed reports, especially for billing purposes, were crucial.

Through the GeoTraxx mobile application, drivers can seamlessly report task completion and furnish information about the task performed by the supplier or assembler using an electronic form, eliminating the need for paper documentation.

In terms of task reporting, GeoTraxx facilitates:

Reporting of current tasks or tasks from a defined period, globally or by regions.

Reporting on service execution and settlements with the client (furniture manufacturer), encompassing details such as the time of task execution, the number of damages and complaints, and the level of customer satisfaction.

Recording time parameters of performed tasks including the time of task acceptance, time of travel to the task, time of work execution, overtime, and more.

Storage of additional attachments for each task, such as photos, forms, and other necessary documents essential for documenting the completed task.


The implementation of GeoTraxx brought about comprehensive improvements for As Max Group:

Automation reduced the time and effort required for work scheduling and driver management.
Operating costs significantly decreased through automated route optimization.
Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Enhanced efficiency in order execution and improved work quality.
Balanced work allocation improved supplier and assembler performance.
Tasks are now more precisely matched to the skills and qualifications of contractors, resulting in heightened work quality and efficiency.
Improved validity examination of complaints and task-related processes through historical data and photographic documentation.
Successful elimination of paper documentation through mobile application reporting.
The implementation of GeoTraxx software has significantly enhanced our customer service and the efficiency of planning deliveries and assemblies. […] With GeoTraxx, we’ve not only streamlined our processes but have also gained the ability to plan and execute a much larger number of tasks within a shorter timeframe. This is particularly crucial given the global scope of our services, covering almost the entirety of Europe. GeoTraxx perfectly aligns with our efficiency goals, and its adoption has directly translated into heightened satisfaction among our customers. Looking ahead, we are optimistic about the future and anticipate continued cooperation with Globema.
Maciej Kuś, President of As Max Group

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