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Grupa MTP

Saving time and reducing expenses by integrating systems and data sources

Learn how Grupa MTP achieved efficient information flow between different departments and the customers using a data information platform.

FME   |   Data Integration  |  Event Planning

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Visoro Group

How do you automate manual tasks and upload data with just one script?

Learn how Visoro Group used the FME Platform to automate and speed up data processing and integration by 750 times.

FME   |   Data Integration  | AEC

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Network Inventory System for years – Smallworld in Netia

Learn how for the last 20 years, Smallworld has been helping Netia develop the network, manage the infrastructure, and introduce cutting-edge services.

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Network inventory supports Polenergia’s growth based on M&A

Learn how we standardized the network management at one of the largest energy distributors in Poland and organized data about 30 areas covering 11 thousand customers.

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Improved end-to-end management of a telecommunication services infrastructure

Learn how Globema supported Exatel in deploying Smallworld Network Inventory Solution to address the telco operator’s challenges.

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Developing Network Inventory Management system in the Pay-As-You-Go model

SeZaM system based on the GE Smallworld platform supports pipelines as well as telecommunications and energy networks at PERN S.A.

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How did Livre improve the delivery process with GeoTraxx?

Learn how GeoTraxx, a route optimization system, helped Livre streamline its daily task organization and significantly improve its customer service.

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