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Telco Network data migration to Smallworld at Danish GlobalConnect

Find out how Globema helped GlobalConnect migrate telecommunication network data to a network inventory system based on GE Smallworld and supported a seamless merger of two telco companies.

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The Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography

Automating topographic map creation: FME’s role at the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography

Employing the FME Platform, our team crafted a solution that revolutionized the creation of topographic maps for Poland, reducing the timeline to just a few days.

FME  |  Effective Data Processing  | Public sector

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Enhancing Medication Access: ApteGo’s Integration with Google Maps Platform Connects Patients with Thousands of Pharmacies

Explore a case study featuring ApteGo, our client that empowers patients by providing access to a comprehensive map interface showcasing nearby pharmacies and their available stock of medical supplies.

Google Maps  |  Professional Map Usage  | Healthcare

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As Max Group

Improving customer appointments efficiency and streamlining the logistics process at As Max Group

Learn how GeoTraxx helped As Max Group to globally plan and manage all tasks related to the transportation and assembly of furniture, as well as reporting and billing to its customers.

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Mapping Poland’s 5 billion trees with FME and LiDAR data

In this case study, dive into the groundbreaking project where MGGP Aero harnessed the power of FME Platform to process over 19TB of data, including LiDAR data.

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Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska

Google Maps at the Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska

Learn how Google Maps helped the Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska promote the attractions of Republika Srpska.

Google Maps  |  Professional map usage  |  Public Organization

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Transforming urban spatial data with FME. Case study of GEOPOZ’s innovations

Learn how the Board of Geodesy and City Cadastre (GEOPOZ) in Poznań used FME to construct a dynamic 3D city model, an urban forestry database, and a range of other pioneering solutions.

FME Form, FME Flow  |  Effective Data Processing  |  Public sector

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Shorter delivery times, improved service quality, and lower operating costs. GeoTraxx supports DBEST, a Polish furniture producer and distributor.

Learn how the GeoTraxx system helped the DBEST team improve their entire furniture delivery process and service quality, lowering related costs.

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Stoen Operator

AI improved retrieving information about easements from paper documents

Find out how AI allowed Stoen Operator to reduce the time needed to manually archive documents and enter information into databases by over 60%.

iDocAutomated document categorization, AI/MLEnergy

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Česká Obec Sokolská (Sokol)

Google Maps helps Česká Obec Sokolská (Sokol) promote non-competitive sports for all generations

Find out how the Google Maps Platform supports a Czech non-profit organization, Sokol, in popularizing sports for people of all ages.

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Municipal Planning Office Łódź

E-services, reports, and local zoning plans

Learn how the Municipal Planning Office (MPO) in Łódź uses the FME Platform to create local zoning and land use plans, spatial analyses, and new solutions.

FME  |  Effective data processing  | Public sector

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Automated validation and migration of project documentation into an inventory system

Learn how Globema’s solution based on FME, supported a telecommunications company, Nexera. Our solution helped Nexera automate their data validation process, fix errors, and accelerate the migration of data into an inventory system.

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Area-based energy forecasting – more effective estimations of prosumer production and consumption

Learn how Globema’s solution helped TAURON Group to forecast production and consumption of energy from renewable sources.

Forecasts of energy production from RES  |  Renewable energy production forecasts, AI/ML  |  Energy

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Improving customer service and retention at UPC Poland

Learn how the GeoTask system, using advanced algorithms, supported UPC Poland in distributing and managing thousands of daily tasks as well as improving the customer service process.

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GPS monitoring based on Google Maps data – QADRA PLUS case study

Learn how Slovakian company QADRA PLUS developed its GPS/GPRS monitoring system for cars and trucks using Google Maps.

Google Maps |  GPS trackingTransport and logistics

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A retail company  |  HR & recruitment

Optimizing a route with Field Service Management tools

Learn how Globema’s optimization tools helped this retail company achieve their business goals.

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Enea Ciepło

Developing a GIS system and managing network assets at a district heating company

Learn about Enea Ciepło, an enterprise that’s been using DH.GIS for 20 years. The system supports Enea in managing their fieldwork, heating network, and many more.

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An interior design company

New quality of customer service at an international interior design company thanks to GeoTask

Learn how GeoTask helped to improve the work of dispatchers, field staff, and consultants as well as customer service in the area of claims, and furniture delivery & installation..

GeoTask Field Service Management  |  Interior design

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Centrum e-Zdrowia

Google Maps – a tool to fight COVID-19. Centrum e-Zdrowia Case Study

Centrum e-Zdrowia plays a significant role during the COVID-19 epidemic. Thanks to the solution offered by Globema, CeZ can present important information on Google Maps in an easy, clear way.

Google Maps   |  Professional map usage  Public sector / Healthcare

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UPC Poland – improved efficiency of network management and outage handling process

Learn how the GeoTask system uses its advanced algorithms to support UPC Poland in managing several hundreds of fieldwork technicians and improving network maintenance operations.

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Unified Command Support System for Polish Emergency Medical Services

Learn how our team helped to improve the work of Polish medical dispatch centers and rescue teams.

SWD PRM  |  Field Service Management  |  Emergency medical services 

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Europ Assistance

Assistance services anytime anywhere thanks to the Google Maps Platform

A useful application for assistance service companies needs to have up-to-date geolocation data and be simple, efficient, and accessible. This is why Europ Assistance chose Google Maps Platform.

Google Maps  |  Professional map usage  Insurance industry

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Premium grocery delivery in 24 hours with a Field Service Management solution

Learn how GeoTraxx supports Deli2, an online grocery store, ensuring high quality of deliveries.

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Fiber Network Services

Google Maps implementation for visualizing high-speed Internet coverage

Find out how Google Maps supported the company in the „Accelerating city of Přeštice“ project.

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Expressoft Technology

Expressoft Technology use Google Maps for order delivery

Expressoft provide IT solutions for restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, and retail. Learn how they improved their business using Google Maps.

Google Maps  |  Professional map usage  |  IT industry

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J.S. Hamilton

GeoTask in the lab – how J.S. Hamilton improved the sampling process

Learn how GeoTask  supports the processes of sampling planning and sample marking and delivery to the laboratory at J.S. Hamilton.

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The Central Address System for UPC

Learn how Globema supports UPC in managing address data, as its quality is the key to the efficient management of the investment and business processes at the company.

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Automation and optimization of spatial data control processes

Learn how FME Platform helped Visimind in the process of collecting and processing large amounts of network data and create high-quality products for Polish Power Grids.

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Bolt (Taxify)

Bolt grows with Google Maps

Taxify (now Bolt), a ride-hailing platform founded in 2013, connects drivers and passengers with a mobile app based on Google Maps.

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Navigating Your Dream Holiday: NaCesty Enhances Travel Experience with Google Maps!

NaCesty, a leading Czech travel agency, embarks on a journey to enhance customer experiences and set new standards in the industry by leveraging the power of Google Maps.

Google Maps  |  Professional map usage  | Travel industry

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More profits with reliable forecasts of energy production from renewables

Learn how Globema helped to reduce Tradea’s balancing market participation costs thanks to reliable weather forecasts provided for 250 distributed solar and wind energy sources.

4RES  |  Renewable energy production forecasts, AI/ML  |  Energy

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Developing Network Inventory Management system in the Pay-As-You-Go model

SeZaM system based on the GE Smallworld platform supports pipelines as well as telecommunications and energy networks at PERN S.A.

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How did Livre improve the delivery process with GeoTraxx?

Learn how GeoTraxx, a route optimization system, helped Livre streamline its daily task organization and significantly improve its customer service.

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Fast and reliable food delivery? With and Google Maps it’s possible!

An online grocery store,, is the largest food delivery player in Czechia. Google Maps helps them deliver quality food at a guaranteed short time.

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Improved end-to-end management of a telecommunication services infrastructure

Learn how Globema supported Exatel in deploying Smallworld Network Inventory Solution to address the telco operator’s challenges.

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Network inventory supports Polenergia’s growth based on M&A

Learn how we standardized the network management at one of the largest energy distributors in Poland and organized data about 30 areas covering 11 thousand customers.

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Network Inventory System for years – Smallworld in Netia

Learn how for the last 20 years, Smallworld has been helping Netia develop the network, manage the infrastructure, and introduce cutting-edge services.

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AI Clearing

Improved analyses and conversion of spatial data related to construction projects

AI Clearing performs analyses of their client spatial data to monitor the construction progress and real-time quality control. Learn how the company uses the FME Platform to complete its analyses 10 times faster than before.

FME  |  Effective data processing, AI/ML  | Architecture & Construction

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Grupa MTP

Saving time and reducing expenses by integrating systems and data sources

Learn how Grupa MTP achieved efficient information flow between different departments and customers using a data integration platform.

FME  |  Effective data processing  |  Event Planning

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Visoro Group

How do you automate manual tasks and upload data with just one script?

Learn how Visoro Group used the FME Platform to automate and speed up data processing and integration by 750 times.

FME  |   Effective data processing   |  Architecture & Construction

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A telecommunications company

Introducing field mobility & reducing operational costs at a telecommunications company

Find out how GeoTask supports our telecommunications customer in Romania in scheduling and managing thousands of customer appointments and tasks related to daily network maintenance.

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