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Avallon MBO, a PE fund, is Globema’s new owner

By June 22, 2022Event

Avallon MBO is a private equity fund from Łódź specializing in management buy-outs. For 25 years, Avallon has been investing in companies together with their managers. So far, the fund took part in over 100 transactions. Avallon MBO has just acquired a majority stake in Globema. The transaction has been carried out together with Globema’s managers.

– We invest in an interesting, very well-prospering company with an established position on the Polish market and a huge development potential on foreign markets. As an IT company, Globema specializes in a niche, but very promising area of geospatial solutions. It is estimated that approximately 80% of all data collected today contains geospatial data and they are a key element in the majority of technological services. The leading position of Globema in Poland as well as a high share of export in the total revenue are a great foundation for further dynamic expansion. Globema has a qualified team that develops new tools to expand the product offer. Own company products are an important pillar for the growth scale, says Marcin Konarski, Avallon’s Partner responsible for the transaction.

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– After the transaction, we will continue following our business path and focus mostly on expanding our LBS products and services based on Google Maps. Moreover, we will be developing Network Inventory Management systems using the GE Smallworld platform, especially in the USA and Canada. We also plan to commercialize the products that we have been developing at our R&D Center over the recent years. These products are based on multi-million research projects. It will be a crucial element of our company’s value increase in the next few years, says Ryszard Rybus, CEO of Globema.