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Automated project documentation validation with FME Platform – Nexera Case Study

By October 27, 2022November 14th, 2022Case study, FME
wpis blogowy Case Study Nexera

Learn how Globema automated the process of validating and repairing network data errors for Nexera – a telecommunications company. Read about the challenges that Globema had to face in the project and the details of the solution we developed for our client using FME, a data processing and integration platform!

Nexera, as a modern operator, implemented a network inventory system to digitally manage its business processes. Already at the initial stage of transferring network information to the system, it became obvious that the data in the project documentation was riddled with errors. This made the work very difficult – each encountered error stopped the entire migration process.

Nexera needed a solution to help verify and fix data in order to streamline and speed up the process of migrating information from the project documentation. Globema helped the company process data on nearly 13,000 kilometers of fiber optic network and more than 6,000 kilometers of linear technical infrastructure.

Read the article and find out:

  • What did the data validation process look like?
  • What tools did we use to automate the validation?
  • How did Nexera benefit from using FME?
Data validation process