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Support for medical dispatching centers and rescue teams across Poland – SWD PRM case study

By May 2, 2022November 14th, 2022Case study

See how we helped to improve work of medical dispatch centers and medical emergency teams in the entire country. We encourage you to read the SWD PRM Case Study.

SWD PRMthe Command Support System for National Medical Emergency Services was created for medical dispatchers and Emergency Medical Teams. Its goal is to support medical emergency teams to arrive at the incident site as fast as possible, as well as to maintain medical documentation.

Globema has created SWD PRM from scratch. Our team designed, built, and installed the system in several dozen medical dispatch centers all over Poland. Thanks to SWD PRM and its integration with Rescue Notification Centers, the exchange of data about incidents between all emergency services (paramedics, fire department, police) is fast and smooth. Additionally, the cooperation of services has become much more efficient and the process of providing aid is much shorter.

Find out more about the project:

  • What possibilities does the central system for medical emergency teams management give?
  • How does it support the coordination of all emergency units needed at the scene?
  • Who benefits from the information gathered in the system?
  • How did the SWD PRM command support system help medical emergency teams in the fight against COVID-19?

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