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A revolution in document archiving – see how AI helps to save valuable time and transform work at Stoen Operator

By November 27, 2023December 19th, 2023Artificial Intelligence, Case study, R & D
AI improved retrieving information about easements from paper documents

In the daily life of every company, there are tasks that seem downright unavoidable. They are monotonous, repetitive and, above all, time-consuming.

Stoen Operator, one of the key players in the energy market, is no exception. Every month, the company receives about 150 bond agreements and deeds, and the information from each of these documents has to be entered into a database. This work was performed manually. It was not only a slow and inefficient process, but also caused a number of other problems – including an increased risk of errors in the copied data and delays in investment processes.

To remedy this problem, Stoen Operator decided to take advantage of the support of modern technology – the iDoc solutionan IT tool that leverages AI to automatically process documents.

How does iDoc work?

Using Artificial Intelligence models, the system automatically reads and interprets information on scanned pages of documents. Once the documents have been processed, the person responsible for overseeing the process of data digitization verifies the data read by iDoc to assure its 100% accuracy. If everything is correct, the data is uploaded to a database.

Get to know the details of Globema and Stoen Operator’s cooperation

If you want to find out:

  • What did the iDoc implementation at Stoen Operator look like?
  • How did the use of iDoc allow to accelerate the archiving of our client’s paper documents?
  • What other processes have improved and what additional benefits has the use of iDoc brought?
  • How else does Stoen Operator plan to use iDoc?