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Apps for network asset and fieldwork management, maps and location-based services, system integrations, AI/ML analyses, and digitization.

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Network Inventory, field workers, professional maps usage, unmanageable data… whatever your struggle is, we are here to support your business. Discover our solutions:

Network Asset


network inventory solutions

Making your network assets digital will help you plan and expand your network, roll out new services, and maintain the infrastructure.

Explore a full range of our services around GE Smallworld Spatial technologies and applications including upgrades, customizations and data governance:

Discover solutions for your industry:

Build a digital, spatial model of network assets using AI

Field Service
& Mobile Workforce

field service management

Automate scheduling and dispatching, plan optimal routes for your crews, and monitor task completion in real-time with our FSM/MWM solutions.

Improve service quality and fieldwork effectiveness

Lower your transportation costs with route optimization

map usage



Including map data on websites and in apps increases customer service quality and improves the efficiency of your employees.

Use the unique value of Google Maps to increase customer satisfaction

We will help you to build a specialized map application tailored to your business needs

Visualize, manage, and analyze data using interactive maps

data processing


data management

In the digital era, companies collect and process huge amounts of data. We will help you maximize the power of your data.

Integrate and organize data in different formats and systems

Analyze large datasets with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Network Inventory for years (Smallworld)

For the past 20 years, using Network Inventory System has helped Netia to develop its network, manage the infrastructure, introduce cutting-edge technology, and more.

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Managing physical and logical network and telecommunication services

How a Network Inventory System helps Exatel manage its network and deliver advanced telecommunications services to a large number of customers?

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Grupa MTP

Integrating many different systems and data sources

Learn how Grupa MTP overcame its challenge of integrating systems based on different database technologies with FME.

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What our customers say

Thanks to Globema's Google Maps delivery, our project looks very professional, and we stand out from our competition. (…) Working with Globema was superb, I haven’t worked with such a great company in a long time.

Fiber Network ServicesFrantišek Čihák

Globema’s testers have performed regression tests of our products. The testers were efficient, on time, and performed a professional analysis. They are always able to quickly switch between tasks and adjust to different conditions.

A customer from the telco industry

GeoTask has allowed us to combine all of the key processes of delivering services to our customers in a single system. (…) Globema’s employees have proved their advanced implementation and analytical skills as well as vast industry knowledge. (…) They are open to teamwork and sharing their expertise with us.

J.S. HamiltonMarzena Bogdaniuk, Logistics Officer

Globema completed all of the project stages with due diligence, following our agreement. I’m happy to recommend Globema not only as a trustworthy business partner but also as a company that deeply cares about the most vulnerable members of our society.

Grupa WarszawaKinga Rylska, Marketing Director

Globema has been cooperating with Allegro since 2017. (…) Under the current model, Allegro is taking advantage of support (...). It can count on help and experience in the field of administration and technical knowledge related to Google Maps. The cooperation is running smoothly and with great commitment - we recommend Globema as a specialist in the industry and a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Allegro.plJakub Kaczmarski, Technology Director

What else can we help you with?

Renewable energy production forecasts

renewable energy production

Accurate renewable energy production forecasts for DSO/TSO, producers, and traders.

Planning and dispatching optimized tasks and routes

field service management

Cloud service for optimizing schedules and routes and dispatching tasks. It can be used within 24 hours from purchase and to optimize thousands of tasks.

Research & Development

research and development

Our R&D solutions are used in the energy and RES industries. Our partners include top Polish universities.

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