Network schematics for Physical Network Inventory

Optical Network Atlas is a module that extends functionality of applications based on Smallworld Physical Network Inventory with automatic generation of schemes for optical routes. It automatically generates easily printable and legible paper documentation of the optical network fragments needed in development and maintenance. Schemes are generated using dynamically traced optical routes, starting from a given location or splice using selected optical cables/fibers or ODF shelves/ports. All parts of the scheme are divided into separate pages during the generation process, allowing the system to present the same results using different outputs (Smallworld application, printed documentation, PDF).

Main features

  • Visualization of optical routes at cable and location level
  • Graphic, detailed presentation of fiber connections to/from ODFs and inside splices
  • Detailed descriptions of target devices on fiber routes
  • Quick navigation between displayed network elements
  • Schemes accessible within PNI and also easily exportable and printable / plottable
  • Integrated with PRM (Physical Route Manager)
  • Support for FTTx & Passive Optical Networks

ONA in Network Inventory Gateway

Optical Network Atlas is available via Network Inventory Gateway (PNI thin client). ONA extension uses the same engine as full ONA module, running with thick Smallworld client, to assure that the plotouts are always identical across applications and platforms. ONA schemes available via web client highly improve access to data in the field, streamline network planning & maintenance, and can be easily passed to third parties and field technicians.


  • Fast &¬†efficient diagrams generation based on accurate data
  • Reduction of time needed to print documents and exchange schematics via email using PDF print
  • Mobile workforce productivity improvements

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