Water & Wastewater

Successful maintenance of water and waste water pipeline requires a number of everyday tasks from utility operators: from pro-active planning of network upgrades & repairs, through distribution & demand control to managing the optimal use of water resources.

Globema delivers integrated geospatial solutions for water distribution and transmission that enable to efficiently manage water and waste water networks and perform hydraulic calculations. Our portfolio includes comprehensive network assets inventory, fault management, geomarketing adn business intelligence, work force management, Maps as a service, Big Data visualization and operations support tools as well as other industry-specific solutions.

Solutions for Water and Wastewater


Google Maps Solutions

Mobile Google Maps Solutions

WorkForce Management

Smallworld Water Office


Globema provides complete scope of services related to implementation and support of industry-specific water & wastewater solutions. First, our conslutants analyze your business processes, so they can later advise on the best technology to match your company’s needs and requirements.  Solution delivery, integration and network data migration can be performed solely by Globema or in cooperation with local partner(s).  After user & admin training and system production  go-live, Globema starts providing maintenance & support of the whole solution (including integrations) remotely and on-site.

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