Once again we were named Google Premier Partner. Let’s celebrate!

Google Maps Premier Partner

It’s confirmed – once again we’re Google Cloud Premier Partner. Why are we so thrilled about it? Premier Partner is the highest level of partnership a company working with Google Maps can earn, entitling to use this badge:

What Premier Partner can do for your business?

Planning to implement Google Maps based solution? Here’s how we can help and why it’s good to work with Premier Partner:

The Premier status confirms that we know what we’re doing when it comes to Google Maps licensing. We can help you make sure you’ll end with correct type of Maps license, suitable for your use case.

No one earns the premier badge without knowing all there is to know about Google Maps solution development, deployment and design. Want someone to handle for you Google Maps license implementation or development of custom Google Maps application? Premier Partner is your best choice.

Looking for the best Google Maps APIs mix for your company? Want to make sure you’ll get the most of Google Maps? No one will support you better than the Premier Partner, with skills and experience appreciated by Google.

Premier Partners often learn about Google Maps updates, new features and programs before others. If you’re working with a Premier Partner, you will benefit from new developments as soon as possible.

As a Premier Partner we must constantly stay in-the-know with Google Maps. Premier status guarantees high quality of Google Maps services.

Do you want to optimize your Google Maps license usage or make sure you won’t run out of map credits too soon? No one will help you better than…. yes, that’s right – Premier Partner :)

Ok, but who is this “Premier”?

Google Maps Partner Program comes with a number of tiered levels. This probably won’t surprise you that Premier is the highest level a company can earn. What’s more, only few Google Partners in the world hold the Premier status – we are the only Google Maps Premier Partner in Central-Eastern Europe! So we really have a proper cause for celebration :)

Though we are proud of our Google Maps Team for keeping up with Google requirements and earning once again the Premier badge, we know that we wouldn’t made it without our Customers and their faith in us. Thanks Guys, you’re the best!

6 years with Google and counting

It all begun in 2012 when we became partner and Value Added Reseller of Google Maps. Then after three years we’ve earned Premier status for the first time. Today our cooperation with Google covers implementation, delivery and integration of enterprise solutions built on top of Google Maps as well as Google Maps Premium Plan distribution.

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