4RES - support for Renewable Energy Sources

Smart Grid Systems

Forecasting, planning and management support for RES operators

4RES is an innovative system, based on scientific and industrial research, supporting the shares of renewable energy sources (RES) in the electricity market. The system consists of two major elements: the forecasting tool and tool for supporting shares in the electricity market. Their combined functionality comprehensively addresses the needs of energy producers and companies trading in renewable energy. 4RES guarantees high precision forecasts based on large area weather forecasts and local meteorological measurements.

The 4RES system consists of three applications cooperating with the main database:

  • client – offers data entering and edition, production schedule, production forecasting and visualization, energy sales schedule support
  • server – provides data source configuration, automatic data reading
  • mobile – allows up-to-date inquiries of current forecasts and energy production on mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Forecasting of renewable energy production
    • Wind farms
    • Also: photovoltaic, water, biogas
  • Support for planning of
    • Energy production
    • New investments and maintenance works
    • Energy sales and storage for later use
  • RES outage management
  • Utilization of local meteorological stations and global meteorological forecasts

More information

   Globema 4RES Fact Sheet