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OSS & Network Inventory

Operations Support Systems, GIS & Resource-Facing Service Inventory for telecom operators.

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Google GEO Solutions

World’s leading mapping technology for your business; apps, consulting, services and technical support.

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Work Force Management

Solutions that enable automated scheduling of everyday tasks, monitoring field service operations and managing mobile workforce.

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SmartGrid Software

Power grid optimisation and support for energy production from Renewable Energy Sources.

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Network Asset Management

Smallworld GIS based industry-specific network assets management for utilities (energy, gas & oil, district heating, water & wastewater).

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Mobile GIS Apps

Specialized tablet & smartphone apps for network inventory, stocktaking and change reporting from the field, as well as field work management and general location intelligence features.

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Software Development

Customized application development on Smallworld GIS, Google GEO, Java, Oracle, .NET & open-source platforms.

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Data Capture and Migration

Manual, semi-automated & automated spatial data discovery, capture and migration to enterprise geospatial systems.

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Technical Support

Full technical support of enterprise software solutions based on GE Smallworld, GE FFA, Google GEO, Oracle, .NET and Java platforms.

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